Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner

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Mayuri H.
Smells divine. Helps cleans residue of dirt and makeup that your Micellar water or cleanser missed.

I bought this Toner along with the Rose Powder Cleanser during Black Friday. The first time I used the combo of the Rose Powder and Toner together, it dried my skin so bad that I had to slather myself with my most hydrating masks followed by all the other moisture replenishing products. It gets 4 star because when used alone by itself and not with the Rose Powder, it works great eliminating the extra dirt not picked up by my cleanser. Minus one star because its definitely not for all skin type as described. If you have dry skin or even normal-dry skin, do not use this with the Powder Cleanser because it might turn your skin as dry as Sahara or Gobi desert just like it happened to me.

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Noriko T.
Gentle but fast effect

I have never heard of The brand name UMAOIL here in Japan yet so it was a kind of gamble for me to purchase this toner and I won! I have used skin care products of many brands from Doctors cosmetics to organic. And this toner is one of the best so far. Put on my face The good smell helps me to be relaxed at first, it absorbs well with hand press. After hand pressing, my face already gets brighter and looks smoother texture. I didn’t expect that I could feel the effect this much fast because it is made with natural ingredients. I am very amazed with the power of the nature on my face now.

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Laura L.
Already notice a difference

I’m not sure what it is. But my skin does look “brighter” not lighter or anything, just not congested. More awake. My cheeks look blushed without putting it on. Tone and texture are smooth. I can go without makeup to work etc. Good stuff. I want to try more products.

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Sarah V.
Beautiful toner

First, this product is way over the price for what I would usually pay for a toner. However, I've decided this is worth the price because it is such a joy to use. The smell is simply gorgeous. I would wear this as a perfume if it came in that format. The glass bottle is also beautiful. The juice inside the bottle is also great. It is a lovely toner, and makes my night time skincare ritual feel special.

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