Eyeshadow Brush #1

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Anna W.
Wetter is Better.

This brush is fully and obviously synthetic. The bristles are smooth and have very little 'grab' so this brush is not great for powder products.

What this brush is great for is using products wet. If you wet the brush, then dip it into product, it works incredibly well to pick up just what you need and apply it smoothly. If you mix your product into a paste first, you can use the brush to paint on the product. This is the only brush I use to apply glitter, because when I wet the brush with glitter adhesive and dip it into glitter, when I press the glitter to my lids it all slides cleanly off of the brush, leaving very little fallout.

I also use this brush with Kryolan water-activated makeup, and some creams. It's not the greatest at applying cream shadows if you want them blended well, but if you're just placing a cream, it works well.

The price on these is decent, and since they're ULTA house brand, you can usually get them on sale.