Brilliant Color Lip Gloss


Kayla H.
sweet deal!!

i have this in the color raisin :) its non sticky and very pigminted. lasts a while too!! good product that i just randomly picked up one day now i cant live without

Emily A.
I just love the color!

Pros: semi-opaque, great color and pigmentation is true to the tube, bland smell (con 4 some)

Cons: kinda sticky, fades

Overall I think its nice, (but i'm not big on lip products personally)

Shelley W.
Bumps by Berry

Caught this on on sale and this actually became a "miss" for me a few days later when my lips broke out with these small bumps. I love the color so much and it was actually a replacement shade for me since MAC had discontinued a dupe shade of this one. So to avoid the bump issue I just apply MAC lipglass in clear underneath to provide a buffer. I hate that I have to do this extra step to avoid breaking out and but one has to do what they gotta do...