Too Faced

Tinted Beauty Balm


L Chelsee G.
Best BB Regardless of Price!

Let me start by saying this my 4th BB cream and will be the last. I have tried everything from an $8 drugstore version to a $60 prestige BB and this is HANDS DOWN the best BB. The texture is amazing, the color match incredible, and it's a great value because it takes half as much as other brands. Do yourself a favor and make this your FIRST BB Cream. :-)

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Shauna  W.
I Love This!

This was my first attempt at a BB cream and I loved it. It gives me a beautiful glow, great, light coverage, and stays put longer than a tinted moisturizer. It blends really well. I use with a primer underneath and dust on top with a baked mixed shade powder. Will continue to buy.

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Ashley E.
My new favorite tinted moisturizer

Check out my video review I did on this product. It really moisturizes your face and has added benefits, like SPF, light reflecting pigments that give your skin a glow and it is oil free. Four shades to choose from and you can wear it alone for a sheer coverage or under makeup as a primer.

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Ada  P.

"Asian BB Creams are the best." Yes, we've heard that. However, we are not in Asia and sometimes people can't get their hands on them because of the shipping prices and what not. So, we have Too Faced! This one is definitely the best of al the ones I have tried, and I've tried quite a few. It is better than the drug-store brand ones and even better than some high-end ones. Even the price is reasonable for being a more expensive product! It gives an even coverage and actually provides some type of coverage. It feels good on the skin and leaves a glowy effect. If you're worried about it not providing enough coverage, especially on your blemishes, just use concealer then! If you still feel it's not enough, then set it with a light powder. You might end up covering the nice glow it has with a powder, but at least it won't feel as heavy as foundation, especially in the Summer or all year long if you have oily skin all year long.

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Jessica W.

This product was heavy to me. I have combo/oily skin, and I bought it because I heard it was a matte finish. However, this finish wasn't matte at all. It left me with a dewy glow and left my skin feeling covered up and heavy. I didn't like this. A positive point for this product is that it has SPF and isn't made with too many harmful ingredients. The skin tone was a bit dark for my skin also. I don't think it was worth the price of $32. Better alternatives include Boscia BB Cream for a more natural and lighter finish/coverage.

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Nicole R.

I have super dry skin so the last thing I expected from a bb cream was to look so greasy, This was the worst bb cream I have tried, the coverage is non-exsistant, it doesnt cover anything! Not to mention this broke my skin out really bad. It moisturizes a little too well and even with a setting powder I was overly dewy looking. This is not a product I would repurchase or recommend.

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Rachel anne M.
One of the only BB creams for pale girls!

I searched high and low for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer that was light enough for my super-pale skin. I thought I would never find it until Too Faced's Beauty Balm in Snow Glow. It's amazing! Not only is it an awesome BB cream, but it is the perfect tint for my porcelain complexion. Search ended!

Alyssa A.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this product! It made my skin look so radiant and evened out my skin tone perfectly. This product is good for anyone looking to get light to medium coverage. It does not cover blemishes or acne that well (if you are looking for heavy coverage), but this product is meant more to be used if you want a light, natural, every day look. It does not clog pores, works good with sensitive skin, and is also good for dry skin as well. Since I have dry skin, I used this as a dual moisturizer and beauty balm. I have also used this on some of my clients and they love it as well.

Brooke B.
My new everyday go to face product.

I absolutely love this product! It's lightweight and has a beautiful dewy finish. I just apply a small amount of product in one hand and rub my hands together to warm it up then apply it to my face. It's very moisturizing with spf 20 and retin-a for anti - aging. I just add a little bronzer and I'm good to go for the day. I have very acne prone sensitive skin and this works beautifully with my skin.

Leah A.
Wonderful product!

This is a great BB! It's really moisturizing but still light enough to wear in the summer. A little goes a long way and the tube is huge so it lasts forever! I love when I apply it I feel like it gives my skin a really nice glow, without looking greasy :) plus it has SPF which is always great. I purchased this at sephora. Before I bought it I asked for a free sample which I definitely suggest doing so, because they give you a lot in the sample container and you can test it to find if it's right for your skin type and you can find the perfect shade.