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Too Faced

Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue


Nicole R.

I experimented with this product when it first came out, with the Too Faced Glamour Dust (which are BEAUTIFUL by the way) and it worked great. It's almost as if there was some magnetic force pulling the glitters to only where I placed the glue.

It's consistency is similar to that of the Shadow Insurance and it dries pretty quickly so you'll want to have your materials laid out and ready to go. The product lasted all day for me (put it on at around noon, worked all day, went out that night, and took it off at 3 am) and looked exactly the same.

I want to try this with gems, rhinestones, feathers, etc on the face to see if it will hold up like eyelash glue would. I think it would make a great substitute, but I haven't tested it yet. It really does make the glitter POP and STICK to wherever you put it. Thank you Too Faced!

Thanks Beautylish for making a page for this product!

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Robin M.

I experiment a lot with glues and pigments/glitters. (If you guys watch my nail art tutorials you are all laughing right now) and this is really a great glue for loose pigment and glitters for the eyes. it holds larger cuts of glitter too. I have been practicing behind the scenes and always experimenting and this is a really great product that I am reaching for more and more when I am testing out makeup ideas. Thank you beautylish for introducing me to new and interesting primers and glues. You rock.

My love, Robin Moses youtube nail artist

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Makeupartbybrekal i.
You have glitter? You NEED Glitter Glue

I'm a pro MUA, and sometimes my clients just need a super sparkly look. Before owning my Glitter Glue, trying to put sparkles on people's faces made a MESS and the glitter would always fall on their cheeks and not look all too nice, clumping in some areas, and not applying at all in others. I take a smidge of Too Faced Glitter Glue, and with a small brush I mix it with the glitter on a palette or tray and then apply it to the lid. It STAYS! And there is NO fallout. It applies evenly and allows for all the glamour of a glittery eye without the mess that usually comes along with it!

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Wafi A.
So cool!

I know L.A. Splash has something similar, but I love this stuff. It doesn't feel heavy. I was terrified it would be like glue on my eyes, but it's not.

It does hold their new glitter too! The best application I find is with my fingers. I put a little on my fingers and tap gently until it's a bit tacky. This is so I don't accidentally put too much!

It also comes off easily with eye makeup remover. I was very impressed with this product.

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Ali S.

Saw this product featured in a YouTube video sometime last year and thought I'd give it a try. Initially the girl using it was using it as it's intended- for applying glitter! Since I'm not that big of a loose glitter fan, I thought I'd try it out for something else....I'm so glad I did. For over a year now, I've been using Too Faced's Glitter Glue as my eye shadow primer- and it works brilliantly! Before, I was using the shadow insurance, which also worked- but I just find the glitter glue to have a stronger hold and surprisingly works really well with plain ol eye shadows. I'm almost out of my current tube, so it's time to buy more. I really love this product and hope it doesn't go away. Again, can't say how much I love the fact that although it's marketed for glitter, it works just as well as a primer! Who woulda thought?

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Valencia F.

Although glitter can be a pain, there is no other way to avoid getting it all over the place. This will keep your glitter on the eyes if used correctly. I have used other products and none works quite like this! For about $20, a little bit of Glitter Insurance can take you a long way. I suggest using a damp brush with water to apply the glitter. Make sure to use very small amounts of glitter to reduce fallout until the area is completely covered with your favorite shade.

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Varinia G.

I love glitter! And I have been searching for the perfect adhesive(enter shadow insurance glitter glue) I use this with a silicone brush and there is never any fall out and my glitter stays in place all day or night! I already love original shadow insurance, so hats off to too faced for this awsome product!

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Angela s.

Ok so I love glitter and love to wear it whenever I can. This product got alot of use this past holiday season. I really like it because it held the glitter in place all day, and I didnt have alot of fallout like I use to get before I started to use this product. Also a little bit goes a long way you dont need alot for a good result.

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Beauty A.

I've always had a problem with my glitter creasing in my lids and fading off but when I tried this i was amazing not only did my glitter not fade or crease it stayed on for more than 12 hours I love this too faced glitter glue and I highly recommend it to all the glitter lovers/junkies

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Rachel P.
My Favorite for Glitter

Seriously, using Duo adhesive for glitter on my eyelids never satisfied me. It felt too intense and too stiff, even when I used the smallest amount. This was the only product I found that was specifically made for glitter adhesion at the time, and I went for it. It works really well when patted on with a warm index finger and glitters and pigments adhere perfectly when patted over it. I have slightly sensitive eyes, and this doesn't have a hard or sticky "glue" feel to it at all. It actually feels like a cream or gel and is really gentle on the eyelids.

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