Too Faced

Natural Flirt Makeup Collection


Daniry G.

This products rocks! it gives you everything you will need to have that fun, exciting time in showing off your beautiful face. i definitely love the cheetah print bronzer cause it a great duo for a tint of blush on your cheeks and the bronzer part to contour the face to show the fierce side of your life.

Zoe S.
I love everything!

I bought this kit a while ago at Sephora and I absolutely love everything that came with it! The bronzer is just the right shade and gives a nice natural glow, I use it almost every day! The lip gloss is fun and plumps you lips up! Lashgasam has ended up being one of my favorite mascaras ever, and I get compliments on it all of the time. I also love the eye shadow! I use it almost every day in the corner of my eyes in order to make them pop! It gives them a nice glow and accents the light nicely! The primer is also very nice and lasts. Overall it is a great deal with lots of fun starter piece for a Too Faced collection!

Pip B.

Beautiful makeup, goes on flawlessly with a even finish. Such a good pack at a good price. Very easy to use. Great for day and night wear to mix it up.

Paula S.
Something for every part of the face!

I've enjoyed these products very much since buying them. The eye shadow has good color payoff. I dust a little of the pink leopard highlighter on my cheekbones. Love it!

Sunny G.

I gotta say this is one of my favorite duos ever ! It has all of my favorites in one package ! How awesome is that ! You'll love this it has all the best in one, no regrets !

Paula M.

Very beautiful makeup! I reccommend it to everyone! Good makeup to go out on a saturday night. Go out and buy it! I used it to go out withy friends one night and they complimented me.