Too Faced

Mirror Mirror Gloss


Sarah G.

This stuff is perfect. It gives my lips a brilliant shine and doesn't get dry and sticky very quickly like most lip glosses. My lips can get pretty dry and crackly sometimes and lord knows, that's not the most attractive. But one swipe of this and I'm good to go! It keeps my lips looking super gorgeous for hours!

Lavinia S.
A yammy Lip Gloss

I like to wear this lip Gloss on top of a stain lipstick to visually pop up my lips. It smells good and it's not sticky which I love and the colors are beautiful! totally recommend it!

Dona P.
Love it!

Brilliant shine and coverage. Keeps my lips hydrated for a long time after application which causes no need to re-apply often. The color also stays great so no need to apply often and it's also not thick and filmy like other glosses.

Perry C.

I absolutely love this lip gloss!! I purchased them for a friend as a secret santa gift (and one for myself!!). I especially love this lip gloss because not only is it cosmetic, it is nourishing and healing for your lips. It's a win-win!! Not to mention, it is a great stocking stuffer!!

Katie A.

I loved this! The consistency was great and I loved the colors! It was also for a good price! I would totally recommend this product to my friends, and I can't wait to try the other products!