Too Faced

Glamour To Go


Daniel C.
A quick palette to use!

When you are on the go, this is the best thing to pick up and take along. The variety of colors in this palette can be used to create so many different looks that can take you from day to night. It has bronzer, blush, and lipgloss that completes your look!

Heather T.
Lovely purse-sized touch up kit

I love this set, especially the lip gloss. It's so handy to be able to touch up on the go, and the eye shadows are lovely. I particularly like that it's not just nude shades, that there's color there too. Makes the set more versatile.

Ashley E.
Great for traveling...

Love the variety of colors, as you can create both daytime and nighttime looks with this palette. I especially loved the pink blush and the lip gloss in the middle. My only complaints would be that the dust from the blush and bronzer get on the lip gloss and I wish I could purchase the lip gloss individually. (Translucent Nude).

Kim P.
Cute & Compact!!

I really loved this collection so much I bought myself one and one for a gift. My only complaint is that the blush broke and messed up the lip gloss. That was a bummer but over all a great set!

Vicky Y.
Perfect Pocket Size

All of the shades are gorgeous and you will be noticed. From classic to smoky, this palette has them all. The blush shades are perfect for day and night. This little palette takes up very little room that it's perfect for your make up bag or pocket...seriously. Compact but efficient. Love it!!!

Sharon L.

This palette is great. I love the colors and easy to carry on the go and for any day or night look. I like that you can used it in the morning for work and take it with you and change the look after work if you going out. I love the colors and the pigmentation and the blush and lipgloss color are soft. Guve this

Chinonyelum N.

This has such cute vibrant colors. Its perfect in my purse makeup bag! I love out! the best! !!!! My favorite is the eye shadows.. the lip glass is a bit sticky but which ones aren't?

Izzy D.
Handy On the Go

This is a great palette for travelling since you can get quite a few looks out of it. The colors compliment each other very nicely. I give it 4 stars only because I didn't like the bronzer or lip gloss very much only because of the colors, but that is only my preference. Overall, it's a great palette to have in your collection.

Zilah I.

Works nicely, very subtle colors much better when used with primer. Blush and bronzer are cute shades. Lip gloss was my favorite. Overall, a very handy item to keep with you in a purse.