Too Faced

Eyeshadow Duo


Marilyn C.
Best Color Combo Ever

This is by far the most amazing combination of greens. I love it. They are very pigmented and will stay on all day without using a primer. I really really need to buy more colors.

Rachelandkip N.
Beautiful combination duo

I was trying to find the perfect green for my hazel eyes, which I have found isn't the simplest thing in the world to do. Some are too yellow while others are too blue. So frustrating! The lucky charms duo is that perfect blend of Gilda and blues that really pop without looking like you are a flashback from the 80's or trying on your grandma's makeup. I think that these shades will work on absolutely anyone who is looking for that pop with no fear of standing out in a crowd!

Ellen E.
Such a great color combination!

I bought this on a whim, and then discovered I was using it almost every day. The dark blue is such a lovely shade and compliments any eye color, but the light blue... oh man. SO great on its own, or applied over a white cream base. But then I discovered when you apply it over a dark base or over eyeliner, it brings out all this amazing iridescent reflective color.

And then I took it traveling... and it shattered into a thousand pieces in my bag. I almost cried.

Lauren A.
Soft and subtle

I purchased this eyeshadow ages ago. It is a nice soft shadow with a little sparkle. It is a great color combo for a sweet subtle look. It is not the most pigmented I have used but mine is a bit old and I never used a primer with it. It is great for highlighting.

Victoria K.

Pretty colour combo that I purchased on impulse! Has a nice sparkle, not too intense. Great together but also nice colours separately. I would definitely purchase another of their duo palettes.

Anna W.
Interesting colors.

Lots of loves about these shadows. I have a few of the duos, and have my eye on a few more.

The colors are very interesting. The 'skinny dip' duo is my favorite. Both shades are blue, but they have a purple duochrome that really pops when the colors meet and blend on the lid. I can do a blue smokey eye using just the two colors and there is so much depth that it looks like I used a dozen shadows.

'ooh and aah' is another favorite, the silver color is intense and metallic.

I love too faced shadows because they are featherlight, pigmented and blend incredibly well. They have a really long wear time, which goes to crazy-long wear time when you use a primer.

These are also in a generously sized pan, 0.08oz, even thought they are priced similarly to UD shadow singles, which are 0.05oz. Given the quality of the shadow, I feel that the duos are a really good buy.

Qian W.

I love the color combinations! THey are so pigmented and last almost all day! Sometimes I have a hard time blending them because they "set" on your eyelid really quickly!

Kristina H.
Great mix!

I love this little duo I bought. I saw Peach Fuzz in another palette, I think it was a quad from the fairy collection (forgot what it was called) and I needed that color. It is prety packed with sparkles but it is so nice to use for highlighting the inner corner or just a light wash of shimmer on the lids. Sexpresso is also a beautiful rich brown. I love the formula on Too Faced shadows. They feel light but the pigmentation these shadows have would make you think otherwise. I always play with the duos at Sephora so I do not doubt that I will purchase many more!

Shera G.
Be BOLD!!!!

Too Faced Eyeshadow Duos... one word... BOLD!!! The only thing is this... they need more of a variety of colors... the pigments are rich in color and texture... and the powder is so light u can barely feel it as you grush it on your lids...

Amanda K.
best silver powder

people thought it was cream when i was putting it on their lids.. it looks like tinfoil this shade and the black that comes with it is just as terrific... eliminates the need for many different shades cause these two match perfectly.. its rare that i run out of a powder eye product but i did!