Too Faced

Eye Love


Stephanie M.
Great Palette!!!

This is an amazing versatile palette I love to mix and match the colors. Nice colors easy to use and you can easily start the day with the natural or matte and switch it to smoky or romantic for evening.

Elizabeth F.
gorgeous colors

This is an awesome palette for me. I love neutrals and this has great sample of them. I love that you can mix and match the colors, but I also love how convenient it is to have each duo for a ready-made look. So often I'm tempted to use more than 2 colors on my lids because I feel like I need that many to make a nice eye effect, but this palette proves I don't

Judy M.
awesome for traveling!

This palette has so many looks you can create. they're all really pigmented and have a mix of shimmer and matte colors. It's so versatile and light to carry and fits practically anywhere and the packaging is really cute. Also, you can get this as a tester to see which set you like the most and buy the full palette of your favorite one! it's very good quality and gorgeous colors.

Brandy L.
love this!

I use this often, so glad i was able to get it. The best colors are the 2 browns on the ends on bottom row. I love that there is a sampling of 4 of those awesome palettes. Too faced eyeshadow is really nice and the quality is right up there with many other more expensive brands.

Lisa V.
Love!! I cant get my hands off of it every time i do my makeup.

I have a lot of eye shadow but i tend to always use this palette i cant get enough of it! I don't really like how they paired the eye shadows together for example i would not be putting green all over my lid and in the brow bone. The texture is beautiful and they blend so lovely. I love the matte black(Smolder) its hard to find a good matte black shadow. Heaven i love because it isn't white its like an off white that goes great for the brow bone. the other 2 that i use the most are Push-up and Ever After because they're nice brown tones you can use for everything

Sara N.
Good product, weird color combo

This palette has really nice colors, but I don't think they work super well together. I mean, I get that they are from separate regular palettes, but you would think that they could all be one big happy family. I like using these shadows, but I usually have to grab other colors from to use with them. They have pretty good color payoff and they are pretty all in all, I just wish it was a better combo of colors that work more with each other.

Charm W.
Decent palette

I like this palette. The pigmentation is nice and it shows up well on my brown skin. I typically only find myself reaching for this palette when I am traveling as it is so compact. I've only used the shadows over the shadow insurance primer so the staying power is excellent on my oily eyelids.