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Too Faced

Brow-nie Brow Pencil


Sharyn B.
Must have...

I'm a lifer with this one. I've had three in 15 years and used all down to the brush. With my pale freckled complexion and ever changing hair color (brown, auburn, blond, highlights, you name it) this goes with it all and always looks like the brows I never had. I literally have no pigment and would twitch if they discontinued this life long product. If you think about how long one lasts it's obviously a bang for your buck. Amazing application and stays put...DO IT.

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Kayla M.
Perfect brows, even for beginners!

This is the PERFECT brow pencil. I walked around Ulta looking at and comparing all sorts of brow pencils and small "brow kits", then I noticed Too Faced had this... So I took the tester and marked on my hand next to the others I had tested and this is the PERFECT shade of brown. Some browns are too dark or too light, and being a natural auburn, makes finding the perfect one even more difficult. So, I naturally bought it, took it home and tried it, and it's perfection. Goes on smoothly, I could go darker or lighter if I wanted to, and best part... it doesn't smudge! I slept with this product on and there's nothing on my face, nothing on my pillow... It's wonderful. I will continue to buy this!

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Jessica B.
As a Beginner, this rocks

My sister just recently taught me how to color in my eyebrows, becuase I just dont have a lot goin on up there and I wanted to have the defined, perfect eyebrows that all the celebs do! Using this two-in-one brow tool, I am able to groom my fine eyebrow hairs and color them in slightly for more definition! Perfection instantly :)

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AusTina S.
Just right

My eyebrows are almost invisible.I have tried a lot of pencils and most of them are too dark.This one is just right. I use a clear mascara with it and a brown mascara... I comb them straight up ... I love to look girly...

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Julie  B.
Love it!!

I've tried several brands but this is by far the best. It's water resistant and with a little Anastasia clear gel it's both sweat & smudge proof. Unfortunately most stores don't carry it anymore. Thankfully Beautylish does!

Kelsey S.

Both of these are fantastic. Both colors will match pretty much anyone!!! I can use both shades. For a dramatic look I lightly apply the Browne-y, and for a daily look I use the Blonde-y. They're extremely easy to apply! The brush helps out a lot.

Estyrose D.

I wanted to find an eyebrow pencil that would help me perfectly define my brows and Too Faced's Brow-nie Brow Pencil does just that. I had no problem using this. The shade is perfect and the color isn't too harsh. I usually have a problem with brow pencils because the shades are too dark, but this one is just right. It's a two-in-one pencil with one side that allows you to add shape to your brows and the other end lets you comb them to perfection. I don't use any other brow pencil anymore!

Rosio Z.
Love it

I really really really like this I have like 2 of them and it's really good and I live it if it was a boy I would kiss lol but is a really goo product

Rosio Z.
Love it

I really really really like this I have like 2 of them and it's really good and I live it if it was a boy I would kiss lol but is a really goo product

Julie  B.
Wrong order

I ordered Brownie, which I love as it is sweat proof w some gel, but I received a Blondie in a Brownie box. Definitely unhappy with my order.