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Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit


Gabriella D.

Love! Love! Love this kit! I would recommend this to anyone who wants some nice defined brows! i've had mine for over 9 months and its only half way gone, and I use this product everyday on my brows. GO GO GO GO GO AND BUY IT!

Shera G.
Perfect Brows Everytime!!!

This kit is so convenient... I have very thin eyebrows, so this kit is heaven to me... and it's so natural looking!!! The eyebrow stencil is such a help! I'm not a fan of tweezers, but the one in this kit is so awesome! Love my Eyebrow kit!

Alyson G.

After ruining my eyebrows as a kid I have been searching high and low for the right eyebrow kit to achieve the most natural looking, thicker brows. This kit right here is a life saver. It lasts SO long and helps give my brows a beautiful shape without being able to tell i used any product to help. A MUST for any makeup lovers collection. :)

Lauren C.

i got this because i feel my brows really dont have any definition to it and need to be a little bit darker, this is a great comes with a stencil to help the brows to come out really well...i love this set, it has a highlighter for under your brow and it really defines the brows, then theres the wax to hold it together, which is great because it never fades

Lindsay C.
Good with and without the stencils

I was worried about this product because it comes with stencils, and how can everyone's eyebrows possibly fit into one of the stencils. Well, I have found that you can get great results using the stencils and not using the stencils. The blend of colors is nice too so you can get the perfect shade. I actually love the brush and spoolie that it comes with too!

Su L.
Old packaging, new perfection

The reason why I'm giving this kit 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the useless stencils. I have the infamous Korean eyebrows which are very straight, not so much angled eyebrows. The stencils do nothing for me. But not only do they do nothing for me, they seem to just be so useless and well, ineffective on everyone else I've used this kit on or my fellow beauty junkies who also have this kit. We all have thrown away the stencils because we just don't find them useful at all. Instead of giving us stencils, I'd prefer something else in the kit. BUT, other than the stencils, I love this kit! I found it at a local beauty store and since it is the older packaging, I got it on sale! Yay! The colors are perfect for my eyebrows since I have dark eyebrows and the wax does a great job in keeping my hairs in place since my eyebrows can get unruly and very bushy. And this gives me a lot more control over exactly how thick I want my brows to be and how dark I want them to look. I can easily have very dark eyebrows or very light eyebrows with just a few adjustments in colors so I find this kit very versatile and easy to use, not just on me but anyone. I don't hair for the angled brush since it's obviously cheaply made but the wand and pencil are decent. They aren't the best but they get the job done. I definitely recommend this kit to anyone and everyone. I never knew my eyebrows could look so darn fabulous!

Here's an actual review of the kit on my blog and pictures as well: