Too Faced

Brightening Blushes


Rebecca C.

I love this blush. It's very natural looking, and gives you a nice glow without being overwhelming. I also like that since it's not too pigmented, so you can go for a natural look or build it up. I like using this product as part of my everyday look.

Leslie H.
Perfect pink blush

This blush is sooo gorgeous. It's the perfect pink that isn't too light or too dark, and while it is shimmery and glittery, it's definitely not over the top. Also, it's easy to control and you can go light for a more natural look or layer it for a more dramatic shimmer. I totally love it to bits.

Christina L.
Perfect glow!

I was so impressed with this product. It was the first Too Faced product I purchased. It gives you a beautiful glow without making you look to shiny, shimmery or like a disco ball. The pigmentation is wonderful. This can give you a very natural look, but can be built up as well.

Nirmala P.

This blush provides a very natural finish,especially when you're either going to school or work. You don't want to look too"over done". It's like a touch of sheer color on your face :)

Melody C.

Great packaging and perfect size to have for traveling! I like the color; however, it goes on a little shear and if you're looking for more of the dramatic color this would not be a good choice. It's wonderful for a flushed color!

Jani M.
Perfect for that natural flush.

I'm all for the natural look, so when I use a blush, I make sure that it gives me "Just came from a jog" flush. I also use this with a bronzer just for a bit of drama. This blush is that perfect girly shade of pink!

Camilla S.

I'm in love with this blush. It gives my face that extra glow.

It's perfect for me both when I'm tanned or when I'm not :P

The only negative is the price tag..

Erin Z.
I'm a Sucker For Good Marketing

I like this product, but I've used better for cheaper. I think it works well, but it's not my first instinct when doing work for myself or for clients. I love the color, but its very similar to others I've used, and it ends up fading into the back of my mind often when I'm think of building and blending cheek colors. I will say it plays very nicely with Coastal Scents contour palette and Spehora's bronzers. I do love that packaging though!!!