Soleil Neige Clutch-Size Lip Balm


Souhaila E.
Purchase Every Shade!

I just wanted to supplement my previous review because I've been wearing Baie D'Hiver a lot this Summer. You do really get the Soleil glamour, and the really opulent, moisturizing feel. What is special about this shade is that it has a subtle hint of the pearl in it which is so beautiful and compliments so many different eye and lip looks. I love to use it either as a balm and let it set before I'll go in with liner, and then layer my lipstick and then add a little on top. You can also wear it all by itself and your lips will look and feel so luxe and hydrated. I use Paradisio in combination with any pink/rose shades I wear and again, it looks great on its own. With Baie d'Hiver, it's really nice to experiment. I recently purchased the Soleil Ultra Shine Lip Color in L'Eclisse-SUCH an elegant, gorgeous shade and finish. I would highly recommend pairing any of these with the L'Eclisse or a similar Ultra-Shine shade. You always get an elegant finish with any TF lip product.

Souhaila E.

I hope that the rest of this collection re-stocks because I'm absolutely smitten with this lipcolor. It is the first Tom Ford Clutch size Balm I have purchased, and it both meets and exceeds the luxurious quality you expect from Tom Ford. The product gives you a dual action effect because it's very hydrating on the lips like one would expect from a balm, yet imparts such a sumptous, beautiful sheen/wash o color onto the lips. Paradisio is a shade that has been on my wishlist from past Soleil collections-and it's so incredibly flattering. The sheen is beautiful but it doesn't feel like a gloss on the lips-it's ultra comfortable, yet you do get such a luxurious feel and effect. The shade itself is one that is a peachy pink neutral-it would be flattering on just about any skin type. It also just flatters the shape of your lips-the color can also be built up-especially when worn with liner. I am going to purchase the other shades as soon as they re'stock and am most definitely going to purchase the Paradiso shade in the Lip Color Sheer! ** I will add a photo to supplement this review.

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Laura A.

I was hesitant at first to purchase an orange "lipstick"....let me tell you...its beautiful!! it gives you a beautiful natural flush and is super light! I will be purchasing all the colors!

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Brittany R.
Great for summer!

I wanted that popsicle stain for summer approaching. This definitely gives me that. It is moisturizing with perfect pigmentation and glides on easily, but settles into my fine lines terribly.

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Ulla U.
Will be using this daily!

I've only seen good reviews for this lip balm, so I decided to get it even though it's super expensive (it's my first Tom Ford product). I was eyeing Fathom to start, but after previous reviewers said Pure Shores was a lot lighter than expected, I decided to go for the darkest color, La Piscine. My lips are really pale and I'm always on the hunt for lip colors that darken my lips but look natural as opposed to done-up. La Piscine delivers! It's an awesome plummy shade--on my lips it looks slightly lighter and less purple (more natural) than on the model. It is very hydrating for an hour or so. To my surprise, the color lasted longer than the balm texture, which is a good thing in my book. Oh yes, this little lip balm is coming with me everywhere--it's my new balm buddy.

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Qin M.
Great packaging, great quality

Tom Ford is my favorite brand! This lip balm has very good texture and the packaging is super cute! however the color is very light, way lighter than I imagine... but I still love it~

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Megan renee C.
Hydrating lip balm with a luxurious feel

Pure shores tends to be a little magenta colored when applied to the lips. It is super luxe feeling no doubt about that, and it's ultra hydrating and the price is great!

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