Rose Prick


Faith D.
My favorite perfume

It has become my fav perfume. It smells just like roses. I always feel so sensual when I wear this. It has become my everyday perfume. I just love it.

Karen W.
Just Didn't Work for Me!

Though I love floral scents, this one came on too strong, then settled into something that felt like it would best suit my grandmother.

Christa S.
Love rose prick
Photo of product included with review by Christa S.

I was unsure about purchasing due to some negative reviews, but I had to try for myself and I am so glad I did. It’s not your typical rose scented perfume, this def has a very modern type rose smell, yet with a spice to it. It’s very hard to describe a fragrance. I absolutely fell in love the 1st spray!! Lost cherry was my favorite until this one arrived. I don’t see it being a very manly scent, so I think that’s why there was some negative reviews, I love this scent and my husband loves this scent on me too. This definitely works better for woman in my opinion. But if your on the fence , I would say most def try it at a Tom ford counter 1st. I ordered blindly because I don’t live near a Tom ford counter, so I took a chance and am very happy with it!

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