Gelato Lip Balm Stain


Soo N.
expensive, decent lip stain; wish they'd change it to a slanted tip
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I love collecting anything with Donutella on it and that was the main reason I got this lip stain. I wasn't expecting much out of this lip stain since I mainly got it for collection factor, but the wear is okay. The description for Donutella is listed as a "peach with melon flavor" but I'm not sure I agree with that. For me, it definitely looks and wears pink than peachy and there's a fruity scent that will linger for a bit after applying, but it doesn't seem like the smell is specifically melon. It does have a "sheer coral strawberry stain" though that will give a nice flush and shiny sheen to the lips. One aspect I would change is the tip to a slight slant or taper it for better application. It feels like a fat chapstick and the flat top makes me search for a mirror if I want to apply it straight from the tube so I won't be (unintentionally) sloppy. It's very inconvenient to have to worry about not 'coloring outside the lines.' Also, it originally came sealed with shrink-wrap that had the ingredients on it. It's annoying to have part of the wrapper still stuck on the cover because it didn't come off completely and I didn't get to photograph/don't know most of the ingredients. Expensively priced at 9$ individually, the lip stain is otherwise decent but probably not worth the buy.

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Ulrica H.
absolutely adore these!

I have these right now in Pink Martini (vibrant pink) as well as Donutella (pinky-peach). I'd definitely say Donutella could be a "my lips but better" kind of colour, whereas Pink Martini has a bit more punch to it. They both have great pigment, they smell sweet and fruity, and have a fabulous taste to match. They're extremely moisturizing, and glide on well. I'm perfectly comfortable putting them on without a mirror because of its chapstick-like shape. I wouldn't say the wear is the best, but it leaves you with a nice flush to the lips, and is easy enough to reapply. I'm definitely going top pick up the purple (Skeletrina) next!

Michelle K.
Loving it

I am not a lipstick fan and this is a great alternative to me. It wears like a lip balm and leaves a nice stain for a while. I have the Donutella one and to me it is a bright coraly-pink. The smell wasn't exactly melon to me but it was fruity and sweet. I find it easy to reapply but I do like to check and make sure I didn't make a mess...the color can slide sometimes. I love having a lip product that has color but is not a lipstick. This is not drying like some stains, it has a pleasant smell, and the packaging is to die for! So all in all this works for me! Hope it works for you :)

Vanessa W.

I like these! I got a few just cause they were on sale. They're just a typical tinted lip balm but i do see the staining effect, and at the low low price i got them, I'm satisfied!

Ryen Michelle S.

I had the sort of coral-y colored balm. The color was nice but I didn't exactly like the texture. I personally didn't like the texture. It was definitely a stain though. A friend of mine really likes if but it wasn't exactly my favorite