Thierry Mugler

Angel Bath and Body Collection


Molly O.
Soothing warm smell

This body wash is a amazingly addictive; it has a warm blend of oriental and citrusy notes. I love that I can enjoy the "Angel" fragrance in the shower. The bath gel is milkey and foams easily. While in the shower, I take a dime size of the bath gel and place it on the loofah and scrub away at my body. The fragrance is dreamy and lasts on ones skin, out of the shower. After showering, I squirt the "Angel" fragrance on my neck and wrist. I love that this shower gel comes in convenient packaging and blends well, with the fragrance. Unlike, some bath gels that smell great in the shower, but don't leave the scent on your skin (Philosophy bath gels); Angel leaves a memorable fragrance all day. I would highly recommend this bath gel to those that love this captivating fragrance and want to enjoy it in the shower.