Shady Lady Vol. 2


Arlene T.
One of my Fave Palettes :)

I LOVE this palette! The shadows are very well pigmented and the colors are really beautiful. The colors match great with each other so you can have a lot of different looks with this palette. The shadows blend really great because the texture is incredibly smooth. I've had this palette for a while so it's definitely worth the money (I spent about $30 at Sephora when it was on sale).

Stephanie H.
Beautiful Colors!!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I was so impressed with the pigmentation of The Shady Lady Vol 2 Palette. The colors are smooth and it only takes very little to become opaque. The colors are matched very well in this palette for either day or night time looks. The shadows also have very cute names. The palette comes with a very large mirror. So if you need to take it with you on the go you can. The closure is magnetic and secures very well. The packaging is also secured in a slip cover. Out of all these features on this palette. The pigmentation is still the best=D

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