Mary-Lou Manizer

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Lou O.
love love love the mary lou manizer by the balm

I love this product! It has the nicest creamy formular and is so soft on the skin. It is a lovely shmmer champagne colour. A little bit goes a long way adnd you get a lot of product. There is no fall out due to the creamy texture. I use it i the cheek bone, down the nose, on the cupids bow and on the inner corner and brow bone. I highly recomment this product and bonus the packaging is super retro and cute!

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Esther S.
great highlighter~

This product is amazing ~

I was looking for a powder highlighter and this was a great purchase. I used the benefit high beam for a while but everytime i used it, the only clumped up my makeup making it really unappealing X_X But this product blends so well and it gives an awesome glow to your face especially if you apply it on your cheek bone! if there are other highlighter you guys recommend let me know. For now, this is good.

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Stefania C.

It's taken me months and £££ to find a good highlighter . I'm so pale everything looks like a gold shine on my face. Loads of pale beauty bloggers use this so I though why not try? One of my favs

Cristine E.
great highlighter!

I am obsessed with highlighters and this is one of my favourites. it has a pretty gold undertone and it complements medium to dark skin very well. I dont really consider it a "drugstore" product because its pretty pricey still for the drugstore... but its still definitely worth it!

Jessica L.
Very buildable and gives you cheekbones for days

Of anyone follows amrezy you will know she's into strong highlights (so am i). although she uses estee lauder, this is much more afforable and can just do some little brightening (with very little product) or give you very strong highlight. best application is with fingers, and becauss it comes off strong like that, to blend it out with a brush. had it for 7 months and use it almost daily and still has not even shown any signs of getting close to hitting pan.

Alyssa P.
Cheeks for days

This is a gorgeous highlighter that just looks like sunshine and diamonds on the cheeks. Very pigmented, blends easily, and is for those who want a highlight that's noticeable without glitter all over the face.

Kristina H.

This is probably the perfect powdered cheek highlight. The luminescent glow it gives is stunning. Sometimes powdered lighters struggle to give that sheen that cream products tend to portray better. This product, however, is the perfect healthy glow. It is super pigmented, so be cautious, use a light hand. This product blends beautifully on the skin and even emits radiance when topped with foundation (sheer to medium.. I'm sure full coverage will in fact... Fully cover). I love it!

Veronica T.
Pretty, perfect and will make you glow like a goddess

When people say this is the best high lighter for your face, they're not lying nor exaggerating. The fine shimmer gives you a natural glow. sells the balm at times and you can purchase this high lighter compacter for as low as $12.

Julianne J.
A must have- one of the most pigmented, richest HLs!

Wow- what can I say that hasn't been said about this? I wanted this for sooooo long and I'm glad I actually have it! I used to be obsessed with powder highlighters, and now knowing that they're all the same ingredient pretty much, I'm not as obsessed..but- this is one of the THE BEST highlighters on the market- followed by the BECCA pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector and the LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil Free Luminizer. You get a ton of product in the pan and its sooooo rich and pigmented- a tiny dab will make your face glow radiantly. I found that its so rich that you need to blend sometimes- lets say you deposited some on the cheekbone, or anywhere else on the face, it will suction right there and be soo bright- so blend a little to disburse that glow! It works great as an eyeshadow in a pinch and an inner corner or brow bone highlight. The Mary Lou is a champagne gold, so it works the best for neutral to warm undertones, but I think cool undertones would still like this as its not super warm or gold. Its more of a shimmering champagne, once applied, even if it looks warmer in the pan. I still really want to try more of theBalm, but I'm glad at least I have this in my collection! I'm sure there are amazing MAC highlighters, but this is really a cut above (even if they're all Mica anyway).

sammi c.

OMG!! This is by far the most beautiful highlighter in the world!! I was kind of late to jump on this band wagon, but when I finally did, oh my goodness I was so glad I did!! This gives u the most gorgeous glow!! I also use it as an eyeshadow and it's just as beautiful used that way!! I use a duo fiber brush with this in the day time for just a little glow and in the evening if I want a bit more highlight I'll use a regular brush, I also put it on the inner corners of my eyes to brighten up and give me a wide awake look!! If you don't have this you need it!!