Cabana Boy


Kristina H.
For a beautiful flush
Photo of product included with review by Kristina H.

I really can't believe I never posted a review about this blush! It is one of my most used because of the beautiful flush it gives the face. I like that it is super pigmented and that I can use it heavy handed or with more of a whispered look. It glides on easily, I recommend not using a super dense brush to apply, as it will pack on color like no ones business. I haven't used it as an eye shadow but I can see where it would make a nice monochromatic look if worn as both. It is definitely one of my go to blushes as it fits most any look.

Anna M.

I love the berry color of this blush. It's really pigmented, which means it's easy to over do. Remember to apply with a light hand! If you live in a tropical country, be warned because this is not long-wearing.