The Sacred Ritual

Bath Salt


Melanie B.
Nice product

Like most reviewers, I really enjoyed this. The scent was very light and I felt relaxed in the bath. I had already tried the Lights Out salts and really liked those, so I wanted to try a different scent. I did hesitate because one reviewer said that these left a mess in her tub afterward. However, I’m glad I tried them anyway because that was not my experience at all. As a matter of fact, that’s what I prefer about both of my Sacred Rituals salts. They don’t leave behind a big mess in the tub.

Irene C.
Photo of product included with review by Irene C.

This is a review for "Happy Place". I hate this product, and I'm confused about all the good reviews. Instead of relaxing me like it's supposed to do, it stressed me out and made me very anxious for the rest of the night.

First of all, this bath salt has a muddy yellow/brown/green color. The first time I used it, I added 1/4 cup as instructed, it left behind a film of muddy brown powders, I thought "wow I must didn't shower well enough today.. never knew my body gets this muddy; I should take more bath!" I cleaned my bathtub and put the salt aside and sort of forgot about it. Today, I felt like taking a bath again, and I added 1/2 cup this time as instructed (instruction states 1/4-1/2 cup). The water turns into a very muddy yellow color in dim lighting, like a puddle downtown next to a bar on a muddy rainy day. It also has these brown particles that won't dissolve that's just hovering over me. The flower particles mostly got stuck onto the side of the bathtubs.

I felt really gross sitting in it because of the pukey color and brown particles and kept thinking about how much time I have to spend scrubbed and deep cleaning the bathtub after the bath. I cut the bath short because of it. When I drained the water I almost screamed! It left behind a muddy brown film that's gritty to the touch not just at the bottom of the bathtub, but all the way up to the side where the water filled up to. It looked like someone threw up in my bath tub! I then ended my evening scrubbing the bathtub almost in tears lol.

It also smells like absolutely nothing. No matcha, no grapefruit, no bergamot, no tangerine, no flower, not even essential oil. Just mud color water. Maybe I got a bad one because all the reviews say they smell incredible. Maybe I should have got 'lights out' instead? Although I'm not a bath salt guru, I've tried at least a handful, and this is the first that that this happens. Did I miss something? Is this the new bath salt trend?

I'm mad at myself for not trying it the second time sooner, now I'm already past the 90 day return window an dI don't know what to do with it. I usually like the things I buy from Beautylish, but sadly not this time..

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Tammi C.
Zzzz, oops 🙊 I don’t even remember...

Falling asleep 😴, I guess my new 🛀 bath salts so perfectly named Lights Out,.... need I say more?? Hmmm, I do actually, I think 🤔 you deserve to know what is good and so, I could never tell ya a fib and I don’t think 💭 I could be a fibber even if I wanted to, with that being said, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed 😔, it’s so very good, I guess I do have one ☝️ little complaint, I do think 🤔 it’s a tad expensive, but I do still love 💗 it!!!

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Ami C.

I had a horrific cold and took a bath with these and I felt so much better when I got out of the bath. The smell is a little ... medicinal! But that's what I needed. Love it, highly recommend.

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Tina M.
Hello Relaxation

Like everyone else I was struck with a cold that had me up all night coughing. I took a detox bath using Immunity and let me tell you .... it made me so relaxed and felt so good after I was able to get the sleep my body needed to fight off this cold!

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Jazmine W. Team
Lights out is right

This smells absolutely divine. The blend of Chamomile and Lavender give it a soft floral/natural scent, while the mix of Celtic and Pink Himalayan sea salts balance the scent, giving it an almost citrus aroma. I love this for a bath before bed.

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to products saying they'll help you sleep better, but honestly this really helps me relax and unwind. The other night I soaked in the tub for about 30 minutes, hopped into bed and was "Lights Out" within 10 minutes. (PUN INTENDED). The little bits of dried flowers are a lovely addition and really add to the experience. I do wish they included a muslin bag or had one available for purchase separately, as the instructions suggest using the product this way. But other than that, I am wonderfully impressed.

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Deb K.
Want to try them all!!!!

ok I dont even have a bath tub but because Ive become an obsessed essential oil user I wanted to find products that were non toxic and not 'fake' natural...wanted the real deal with real therapeutic benefits....I am so glad I bought these bath salts...I bought several of the RELEASE to give as gifts to dancers for the muscle aches and sore feet....also bought the HAPPY PLACE to try - and we dont even have a bath tub in our house, but we used it as a foot soak and it was incredible...the smell was amazing (REAL not fake smell) and my feet felt and looked better than they ever have after a pedicure. I can't wait to hear how all the dancers liked the RELEASE bath salt....the bad ($$$) part of all this : Im begging for a way to add a bath tub to the house !!!

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Georgia f.
Awesome product

This is magic. The smell alone is an escape. I feel relaxed and detailed. It's great. Buy it now.

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McKenna K.
Literally...IN MY HAPPY PLACE!

After a long couple of days at work my feet were KILLING me and needed some major therapy so I decided that I would take a foot bath with the Happy Place bath salts to try them out. Best. Decision. Ever. After a good 20 minute soak, my feet came out feeling soft and new. The salts smelt so good, I was immediately relaxed.

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Nadia S.

I’ve tried multiple products from the Sacred Ritual and they’ve all been AMAZING!! And also, these salts make the perfect gift for the holidays! Definitely would recommend and can’t wait to buy more!!

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