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Cheek & Blush Pack (Small)

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Julia G.
A must have for brush care

I first purchased the variety brush guard pack. I was skeptical at first that these could really be that effective or that they were really necessary at all. After purchasing several high end brushes I decided to try the brush guards along with the brush tree. Not only do the brush guards work great to keep the brushes' shape and looking new, it made my older brushes looking new and regain their original shape. I purchased the cheek & blush pack because I needed more of this size for my brush collection. They stretch and I used one size smaller on some of my older brushes to reshape them like new. Worth every penny to take care of your brush investment.

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Jackie A.

Gets my wayne goss brushes back to it's original shape. It doesn't fit on the number 12 brush but that's ok I like that brush to be nice and fluffy lol $10 well spent!!

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Neuda S.
The best brush guard ever!

I've been using brush guard for a while now. Last month I got a cheaper version because I was having trouble finding the original one (I'm in Australia) and I hated it! I'm so glad to have found them again! My brushes are very thankful!

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Lori W.
I have used brush guard for many years and love them

Just got the new pack they are smaller and conform to the size of the brush really well. Only complaint is they might be a tad to small for medium size brushes. They are starting to fray. So that was my only concern. But for washing brushes they are a necessity to keep them nice. The cheap ones do not compare. Get the good ones first and you dont have to replace them later.

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