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The Body Shop

White Musk Eau de Parfum


Katherine L.
I always get compliments for this scent!

good job, body shop. this scent is absolutely marvelous.

let's start here: I love how my mom smells. it wasn't overpowering, but you could definitely smell her sweetness. I loved that.

by seventh grade she let me try it. I wore it on days where I wanted to be posh and every time I wore it, somebody complimented me on it. "you smell so good!" "what perfume is that?" "I love your scent!"

this has become my signature scent. It's not overly girly, it lasts all day and it's my holy grail.

Vi-An T.

Kinda' strong on the first spritz but it lasts all day and smells delightful. Gives an instant pick-me-up and you can't help but feel like a lady, gorgeous and fresh in the city. Will definitely repurchase.

P.S. Got this from my grandma

Callista L.

I've been wearing this perfume for years. I have all the lotions as well. Every guy I've ever dated says I smell like no other girl :) Must be a "mature" scent.

Shaila H.
Adore, My signature secent for yers

I absolutely love this fragrance, I used it for years as my signature scent, I've moved on, just because I've needed a change, but I always seem to return to it when I get bored with my curant choices.

Myrna P.

This brings back so many memories and I love it. The smell reminds me of my favorite third grade teacher. I always "wanted" the same perfume she wore and this is the closest smell. When I smell of it or wear it, it gives me a sense of comfort. It isn't for everyone but I love it. *give it a chance to set it*