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Shimmer Cubes Palette


Alexandra V.
Awesome for mixing

I first got these shimmer cubes because they were on sale. I needed a new eyeshadow and bought this in the beginning of the school year. Once I tried it at home, i was disappointed to find out that it was not, in fact eyeshadow, just something to add shine to your look. I threw it in the back of my makeup storage shelf. It wasn't until New Years that I picked it up and mixed the colour with the hello kitty eyeshadow stick to un-intensify the dark mint green eyeshadow. And i just fell in love. It is an amazing option if you want to simmer down the intensity of a certain eyeshadow, or, amp it up. However, it does not last long which was a big boo, so you have to keep re-applying. But if it was on sale, it's worth it.

the set I got isn't listed here. in any case....I really liked the shades(ivory/cream, warm copper, a dark brown and a warm gold) but the color payoff leaves a lot to be desired. these are infamous for poor pigmentation and I have nothing to add to that other than confirmation. I really like the cubes idea and found the packaging cute but it is most definitely not a good performer. I wouldn't recommend.