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Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator

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Cat C.
Love love love

I put four stars because I've only used this product twice, so I'm not really sure if I can do a review on it, but anyways. Here it is. First of all, it's smells amazing! The consistency is medium thick and is a sand colour with little brown beads. I was expecting something white with blue beads, but I actually prefer this one. It smooths skin, gets rid of excess oil, and really does leave skin soft and smooth. (Like the bottle promises) I really love this product and use it once a day. Mostly in the summer, because that's when my skin is the oiliest. Also I swim about most days in the summer and take a shower and wash my hair at about four or three and I use that product then. It's great and it's inexpensive. Plus when I went to the body shop to buy it, it was fifteen and they were having a promo, so I got another product that was fifteen dollars, half off.

Carabelle R.
My all time favourite!

I use this in my daily skin care routine; once in the morning and once at night. After you apply it, you can instantly feel the softness of your face. You will not believe how smooth your face feels after exfoliating! I am definitely hooked!

Brittany Q.
Effective but gentle exfoliant, great for dry climates!

I live in the dry, dry climate of the Rockies (Colorado), and dry skin is more of a problem for me than I'd like. This product is great for sloughing off dry skin and everything else; I've had scaly dry patches appear that this has taken out in two washes.

It's not good for taking off makeup, if you plan to use it as your only cleanser; I use a wash first and then use the exfoliator so it's the most effective it can be.

I use this product every other day, or more if I'm recovering from a cold (where I have all the dry skin and chafing around my nose/my top lip from tissues) and it works wonders.

Roxy J.
Best every day scrub for oily and sensitive skin.

Yey! at last it's here!

I have been searching for an every day facial scrub that will be gentle on my skin and would not dry out or cause red patches after washing and this is the perfect one for me!

This has decreased my oilyness all day.

I use this this every morning for my daily bath and at night before going to sleep.

It leaves my skin fresh, clear and amazingly soft! A little goes a long way and the grimes are not hurtful, and this one never left my skin with red patches like most of the scrubs do and it has never broke me out.

A very great deal!