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Seaweed Clarifying Toner

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Cat C.
Pretty good

I liked this product but I don't think it did too much for my skin. On some days, it would dry it out. On other days it would be perfectly fine and leave my skin feeling tingly and fresh. Then again, I have weird skin. It's semi-oily but dries out very very easily. Otherwise, the smell is fantastic, and it works well if my skin is oily.

Clover H.
One of my fav toner

I use this after washing face and before applying make up, the smell is very nice and it really removes any traces of make up or dirt that's left, does not irritate at all. Love this and the aloe toner. Great price point as well.

Tess W.
One of my favorites

I love this toner! I recommend it to everyone! It gets everything off my face that my baby wipes and cleanser may have missed and leaves me feeling fresh and clean. I have dry skin so I also love that it's alcohol free. It also smells as fresh as it feels!

Rachele A.
Love it!

Really great toner, I used to use a neutrogena one but this is way better especially for the price. It really clears your skin and prevents breakouts. I love the effect that it has on the skin and it really makes a difference in overall and future skincare.

Casey J.

I used to pay out for Clinique's Clarifying toner (It's purple) but switched to this when somebody told me it was very similar, but much cheaper. I has the same cooling effect that clinique has, and even smells similar. I noticed a difference in the size of my pores, and it helps clear up any break outs i suffer with from time to time. Overall, I really enjoyed using this toner so I purchased the whole of the seaweed line, and have dumped my expensive clinique for this as i find that it preforms exactly the same, if not better than the four step regime i bought (cleanse, toner, exfoliate and moisturiser) and much cheaper too! Love it.

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