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Sarah T.
I have all the full sized brushes

I have all the full sized brushes from The Body Shop and i love them! There very soft and do not shed at all giving the perfect finish. I have had some of the brushes for years and they still look like new. There very good quality and good value for money :)

Nathalie F.

perfect purse size brush set for your on the go touch ups. These super soft synthetic brushes hold they shape and give you a flawless application. Also as with any Body shop product, you know that while purchasing this item you are promoting community trade as well as saying no to animal cruelty :)

peppy g.

I like how these are ethical brushes (they're all synthetic, no animals were plucked during the making), they don't shed, and they're not too big. Also, the best thing about them is that they have labels/names, so you know what they're all for (although they're really also great for applying stuff that weren't originally intend each brush). Like, the brow brush is good for swiping dark brown like a vague eyeliner (before blending) and that makes your eyes look bigger.