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Clover H.

The smell is good, easy to use, very gentle, but the effect is not as obvious as I would have hoped. perhaps this is better since it's nothing too rough. Exfoliate should be done by once one or twice a week, so the product would last quite a long time.

peppy g.

Love it, very moisturizing and rubbing your lips together to help the granules make your dead skin cells go away doesn't hurt much. And such a lovely color (just to look at, it doesn't show). It makes putting lip color on look nicer.

Ahrar A.
very good

I reallly like this product it makes the lips supper soft and remove all tge dead skin ... after using it the lips will have a really nice pinkish color ... what makes it special is that u dont need to scrub with your hand only apply it like a lip stick... I think if it comes with a small brush it will be more usful ... over all it really good I will buy it again but I wish they had other types of scrubs that don't smell minty ; p

Stephanie B.
Removes Dead Skin Easily


Easy to use; rub onto lips in a circular motion - instantly moisturizing and removing dead skin and then wipe lips with a tissue.

Lovely minty smell and sensation.

Really does get all the dead skin off, with little pressure and lips don’t feel sore after this is because of the added ingredients that provide tons of moisture.

Buffing movement stimulates the skin, bringing blood to the top of the surface,giving a natural red/pink flush to your lips!

Contains two community fairtrade ingredients; the super natural moisturizer marula oil from Nambia and beeswax from Cameroon

...for more info see my tumblr: StephSexInHeels or twitter at the same name!

Nathalie F.

A great way to keep a smooth pout. We scrub our face and bodies why ignore your lips. This product has walnut shell tiny particles that help in removing your dry skin cells but also has marula oil to condition the skin!! This is a must a few times a week to keep your favorite lipstick or gloss looking flawless. And as with any other body shop purchase your are helping promote community trade as well as saying no to animal cruelty :)