The Body Shop

Banana Conditioner


Panda G.
Love the Smell

I love the smell.... And I think this is a really good product for nourishing your hair! I also use the shampoo and it is amazing! I will defiantly repurchase it.

Charlotte C.
Lovely Lovely Lovely!

I have been using this for a couple of days with the Body Shop's Shine Brilliance shampoo and it has worked wonders! The woman in the shop reccomended that I use a shampoo to deal with issues at the roots (oilyness) and a conditioner to deal with the issues with the rest of the hair. I have fairly dry ends so I got this conditioner for that reason aswell as the fact that it smells fantastic! I instantly found that my hair was smooth, silky and generally looked in fantastic condition. I believe I have found the magic formula and I will be using this from now on :) In terms of price, I think £4.50 is a very reasonable price, I actually got 40% off aswell with an online voucher code which is something the Body Shop often do :)

Naomii Carol H.

I've only been using this for about a month but I love it so, so much. The smell is absolutely gorgeous and it makes my hair lovely and shiny. I still have loads left. This is definitely a repurchase for me!

Rebecca W.

This is the best smelling conditioner i have ever used! I could honestly smell it all day it's amazing! This is a brilliant conditioner and leaves your hair really soft =) The banana shampoo is really good too. It leaves your hair feeling really clean and then the conditioner puts the moisture back in. LOVE IT =D

Claire D.
good good

the smell is amazing and I wish bananas actually smelt like this.

but to be honest,It did not soften my hair like I was expecting.But I will give it that my hair smelt amazing the morning after I had a shower.

Sarirah H.
Amazing scent, good conditioner!

They got the scent just right with this one. The banana scent is gorgeous and not sickly sweet. As for the product, it's quite thick so you need to use some force in getting it out of the bottle but it's a wonderful conditioner. Hair feels soft, clean and smelling of bananas.

Brianna H.
The smell!!

This is definitely the best smelling conditioner I've ever used. Hands down. I use a good bit of it when I condition because I have long, thick curly/wavy hair. I've found that it works well in tandem with Mane n Tail original conditioner. My friend gave it to me, and it still had a little over half in the bottle. I'm going to be sad when it's gone..

Kayleigh A.

I don't know why everyone is making a big deal on the smell?? It's nice when you smell it from the bottle yeah!! But that's the only time you smell it.. You know when you use some certain shampoos and the wind blows your hair and you keep getting whiffs of your shampoo/conditioner that you've used, well I was expecting that but it doesn't seem to do that :( it's not bad and it does leave your hair soft, but so does most conditioner. I don't think I'll be paying £9 for this shampoo & conditioner again.