Thayer's Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

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Naomi J.
Cucumber aloe variety

I have this in the cucumber aloe variety but would consider getting the rose kind next (love floral scents). I experimented with dumping half the bottle in a sprayer and misting my face, then wiping with a cotton pad, as opposed to applying with the pad. It's very calming and refreshing and doesn't irritate raw skin like alcohol-containing witch hazels do.

Great if part of your job description includes "grinding your bare ass on denim." Ahem. I originally bought this to spritz on my butt after night to prevent rawness and pimples lol. But I ended up using it on my face too.

P.s., it goes without saying that the packaging is A+

Randi K.

I used to use a toner from Biotherm. I haven't really experimented with many, so I can't compare Thayer's to much. But I absolutely love this stuff. I get it from my local good health centre for like ten bucks or something. My grandmother used to tone with just pure rose water and glycerin back in the day and swore by it. Now I swear by this stuff. It smells pretty, doesn't string, and is all natural. Kind of hard not to love. Plus, if you know anything about witch hazel you know how wonderful it is for virtually anything.

Dawn C.
Not for me....terrible break-out!

Alas, this toner gave me horrible and painful cystic acne. Thankfully I realized very quickly that it came from the toner as this was the only new product I used on my face. I'm not sure what triggered the break-out but I suspect it is probably the fragrance.

Overall, I liked the rose scent but not the acne! Too bad, I really wanted this one to work for me. I'll stick with my regular ole witch hazel toner.

Kitty M.
Love this toner!

I just started using this toner a few weeks ago ... and so far, I absolutely LOVE it!! :) I actually really enjoy the light rose scent it has and it makes my face feel so fresh. I love how gentle it is - and the fact that it's alcohol free is awesome.

Latia C.
Very Gentle

I love this for when I'm toning my face. I find that I use this more when my skin is free of any pimples or irritation and it works better for my skin. Because this is so gentle on the skin and does not contain any burning and drying alcohol, I find that I can use this any time my face feels grimy and needs a quick cleansing. I use this day and night, applying either coconut oil or sweet almond oil to my face right after. This combination seems to work well in keeping my skin soft and nice looking.

For the price I found it for, I recommend it for everyone to try out, unless you hate the smell of roses. This product is coupled with two natural astringents (witch hazel and rose water), which shouldn't irritate the skin. The smell can be a different issue though. I like the smell of it, but we're not all built the same. I switch this out with my Clean & Clear toner for when my skin is breaking out in "monthlies" or stressful times, but I always return to this after those bumps are gone. This is definitely a staple in my skincare regimen.

Susan O.
It works and good price

I use this as my toner to remove any residue from my cleanser. Sometimes my skin feels tight after I cleanse my face and this helps. I gave it five stars but it changed when I put good price. I like the product and will continue to use it.

Yuhan C.

I love this alcohol free toner! During the days if I need a quick cleanse without using face wash, this is what I always use. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moist, it's a stable in my skin care needs.

Laurie A.

awesome stuff. Love the way this makes my skin feel and the smell is amazing. It is very relaxing. I use this after washing my skin at night.

Melissa S.
no bad smell with this stuff!!!!

I tried regularr Witch Hazel and had to throw the stuff away cause i couldn't stand the smell of the stuff. So i found this on and love this stuff. No harsh alcohol smell or feeling. works great and i will have to repurchace this since i am running low!!! Nice and gentle product.