AIRbrush Makeup System

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Chelsey C.
Not all that great :/

I've used this is clients and have found it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry after application. Thats precious time I could be using to work on eyes! Overall, I just am not crazy about the formula and its application. I think because it's silicone base, it doesn't hold as well. This system is great for beginners because it's super easy to spray and there isn't any color mixing needed.

I do love the Dinair airbrush! A little more difficult to use but takes practice! I find it dries right on contact (because its water based!) and gives more of a natural, flawless look. I definitely prefer this over the temptu!

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Molly B.

I love love love this system. It is so easy to learn how to use and your foundation will stay on forever. It's great for at home use on yourself, as well as if you're a make up artist because it makes skin look flawless. I use it on myself sometimes, on friends, special events, weddings, as much as I possibly can. (:

Cynthia R.
A must have!

Everyone should have this system. It's truly amazing and so easy to use! I use it on myself, brides, everyone! There are no negatives to using this product and the benefits are endless, fast application, long lasting wear/waterproof, no bacteria concerns, shine free, flawless results, no mess, I could go on and on. LOVE LOVE LOVE Temptu!

Chelsey T.
I love it!

I've been using this for a while now, and I really adore it! It does take a bit to dry, but if you just put on a setting powder after like I do, no worries. Why I love this: Water resistant (splash proof, sweat proof) Long lasting Cruelty free Oil-free Beneficial for your skin!

Romee H.
Every lady should have this!

I know it's pricy but it's totally worth it! Color match system in Temptu website works great, very easy to learn how to use, no need to clean anything and this system will cut your make up application time in half without over doing it! super easy, simple and will give flawless look! I recommend to anyone I know!

Elena G.
Quick, clean application of foundation

I really like this system because I can apply foundation very quickly, without getting my hands dirty. I also don't have to worry about any bacteria that may be lurking in my foundation brush or sponge. I don't mind the formulation and in fact, I think it has almost a water resistant property to it, giving it a long lasting quality.