The Jewelry Box


Mariah L.
Worth every penny!

Absolutely love it! Before this palette, I never liked matte eyeshadow. Now I'm in love! I do think that some of the shimmer eyeshadows have a little too much glitter for the color (and I believe that everything should be covered in glitter!). I agree with Jennie K.'s review when she said that the eyeliner tray is not only hard to pull out, but to get the eyeliners out is a challenge. They are worth it though! I only use pencil liner for my bottom waterline, but it goes on so beautifully and it lasts forever! The lipglosses are very pigmented. I was surprised! They are a bit sheer, but last a while and are not sticky. I love the highlighter and bronzer. They go very well with my skin tone (fair) and also my mom (medium) and best friend (dark)!

I would recommend this to ANYONE that is looking for a great palette!

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Avi C.
great gift to give or keep!

Ok so, in a word WONDERFUL! The eye colors are very pigmented and full size! with the collection of shimmer and matte there are endless conbinations to create. The eye pencils are a liitte hard for me but are useable! I haven't used the highlighter but the bronzer is great for contouring.

Anna W.
Know your Tarte.

I really like this box, and have to disagree with what another reviewer said about the texture. I don't find them chalky at all. Tarte shadows tend to be on the sheer side, so it is true that if you are layering and layering trying to get an intense color, you will end up with waaay too much product on your lids--and we all know that too much product = yuck on your face. If you like sheer to medium-opacity in your shadows, you will probably like tarte shadows.

I agree that it's hard to pull out the trays, and the liners are particularly hard to remove. I like the bronzer and the highlight, and I like the glosses--they're more like semi-sheer lipsticks. What I will never, ever, ever understand is why they always put a powder product next to a sticky one. JUST TRY to keep powder out of the lipcolors. It makes everything look dirty and junky, fast. That's why this doesn't get 5 stars. If they had put the lipcolors in a separate tray, or given them any kind of lid, this would be a 5 star set.

The liners are okay, not the creamiest, but they wear all day. The box has a detachable necklace, which is fun. The value for 32 shadows is incredible, even if you never use anything else in the palette. I also have to mention that the color choices are great, lots and lots of neutrals with just enough wearable colors to be an extremely versatile set.

Jennie K.
Good for travel, color payoff so-so

I won this palette in a sweepstakes, which was quite the treat since I didn't NEED it... but I did want it.

First, it's BIG (3.5" tall, 5-6" across), and the packaging is gorgeous. The bottom tray, which holds the eyeliners, is hard to pull out. It's also hard to get the eyeliners out of the tray itself. I'm concerned that it will break.

The eyeshadows: great variety in color, with some that are suitable for warm or cool skin tones. The matte shadows are chalky, and there isn't a lot of color payoff unless you use a base. The sparkly shadows have a nice, smooth texture, but again, a base is necessary unless you want the barest wash of color.

The lipgloss: smooth, glossy, and sheer. Since the set is so big, though, it wouldn't be practical to carry them around for a touch-up.

The bronzer and highlighting powder: the bronzer goes on sheer, which is great for ghost-white girls like me. It's a flattering shade of golden-brown and has a lot of sparkle. The highlighting powder doesn't show up much on me - again, I'm really pale - but it definitely lends some shimmer.

The eyeliners (all 5!) are beautiful: shimmery and long-lasting. I usually don't have a lot of luck with pencil eyeliners staying on, but these are the exception.

Bottom line: it's a gorgeous set with great packaging. You will need to use an eyeshadow base to get the color to show up properly. If you don't have a huge makeup collection, you want to condense your collection for traveling, or you're starting a foray into high-end makeup, this is a great deal.

Jessica M.

I actually was pretty impressed with what I got from this Tarte Jewelry box, for the price and what you got, and they were actually pretty great eyeshadows. I travel ALL the time so this is a great product to keep at home if I do my makeup at my vanity, but not so great for travel. tried to de-pot the shadows and it broke so i have just left them in the box and I use it when I am home. I like that it includes BOTH matte, satin and some shimmery colors.

Suzy W.

I was so disappointed with this. The matte colors are so pale, with or without a primer. The shimmery shadows are like a glitter-bomb for your eye, with fall out galore. The lip colors are gorgeous, but impractical for touch ups. The bronzer is too dark for my skin, and the highlight is also just straight up glitter. I really wanted to love this, but the only thing I loved was the detachable necklace.