Tarteist™ PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

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Jaclyn N.

My first impression of this product was its very warm scent - a yummy cocoa. I also love the packaging and matte black exterior. The highlighters are smooth and my brush picks it up well to provide an even glow. The glitter in the highlight are medium sized so it is neither a natural highlight or super bright like a Skin Frost. Swatches of this product show that the highlighters are very different in shade but when I apply them I can't tell the difference between all four of them. The cream contour does get a bit dry because the packaging doesn't allow it to be fully closed but once you warm it up it works well. It also includes a powder sculpting shade so you can set your contour perfectly. I think Tarte did a great job choosing a pretty universal color for contouring!