Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick

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Cynthia Baugh S.
Another Barbie pink!!!

Goes on so smooth and creamy! Add a swipe of lip balm to each lip before applying for a creamier look! This in my opinion is a lovely Barbie doll pink! Love love love!

Nicolle S.

This has to be one of the best red lipsticks I've ever purchased. The color is very vibrant and definitely stands out, so if you're looking for that deep red Marilyn Monroe look, this would be perfect for you. I lined my lips with the NYX retractable lip pencil in Ruby, and then applied a single layer of the lipstick. I found it best to blot my lips with a piece of toilet paper afterwards, and then dap on a little bit more color after that. It's super long lasting and an all around great product!

Jessica B.
Moisturizing and smooth

This lipstick is unlike anything I've ever tried before. It's almost like it melts onto my lips when I apply it and leaves a kind of 'painted' texture. I don't know how else to describe it. I wouldn't say it lasts 12 hours, but it is long lasting. I've eaten breakfast after application, and it stayed on through lunch. A lot of the colors are extremely intense, though, which I tend to avoid because I love dark eyeshadow too much! I don't want to overdo my look, so I decided on the color Inspired. It's close to my natural lip color, except with a mauve hint, and goes very well with the maracuja Blushing Bride lipgloss which I reviewed earlier. It is on the pricey side, but because of how long it lasts, I think it's well worth it.

Alli Rose G.
The best lip color I have!

I bought the shade playful. This is the prettiest most unique shade I've seen in a while. It's exactly how it's described, a mauve pink with a hint of dusty purple rose. It's bright and playful without being in your face. This is a great color to spice up the boring office makeup or if you're daring to try some bold color. The formula is amazing. It's definitely matte, but moisturizing. I wear this with a lilac liner and it stays on through drinking and light snacking. The only flaw, which is tiny, that it can feel slightly sticky on the lips.

Lauren D.

I love love this product because it has such a beautiful consistincy of the way it goes on. Also it wouldn't compare to any lip product that is normally use.

Esmeralda M.
Beauty miracle!

It stays put all day and even better it maintains my lips soft and hydrated ;) best lip product ever! And they're not as expensive as they probably could be since they're awesome! They're a must in my purse.

Natalie B.
not bad

because i am so used to lipsticks not staying on my lips for a long time, i was acually very surprised. the color was beautiful and it lasted longer than i expected.well done :)

Vanessa C.

it was a good color but it didn't stay on my lips long enough.i want something that last all night long when i go out and i don't have to reapply all night

Alex R.
I love Tarte products but not this one =/

I love Tarte. Its a great line with their products being natural, but I do not like the texture of these lipsticks. I have tried the red and it was a little too think for my liking. Tarte as a line is great though.

Liza G.
non drying, long lasting formula

I must admit I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I'm also a big fan of Tarte products. They don't test on animals, and I've found all of their products to be high quality of the ones I've used (which is most of them). My lips tend to get too dried out with matte lipsticks so I usually stick to creamier formulas. However I found this provided a long lasting matte finish without making my lips chapped. I have fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes and the shade Pure looks great as an everyday lipstick. I apply it straight from the tube over bare lips and got several hours of wear before the color started to fade. I will likely buy this in more colors at some point as I update my stash for fall.

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