Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr Perfecting Primer


Isabella K.

Feels smooth, instantly ERASES pores, univeness and redness. On lazy days, I only wear this because it makes my skin look 10 times better and smoother. It also prolongues the wear of makeup and makes the application a lot easier. One of my favorites.

Emma M.
best primer

love this it keeps you poreless and matte all day if thats the look your going for. it can work with a dewy Look too!! way Better then benefit pore-fessional

Paige L.

I got this as a sample in a pretty decent size, I finished it all to give it a proper review.. and I just can't say I like it, and this is the only tarte product I can say that about! the smell is too strong of chemicals and it really throws everything off, gets all "cakey" and balled up.. and doesn't sink into the skin at all! I would recommend POREfessional by benefit over this.

Niki C.
Best primer I've tried!

I have very oily skin that is also super sensitive. I've tried numerous primers and this is the best I've used so far. It doesn't keep me perfectly matte all day, but with my skin, I'm afraid that's impossible. It does dramatically help my foundation stay on through a long 10 hour day at the salon!

Suzanne M.
Awesome primer

I love that this primer helps to blur the appearance of my pores and doesn't clump up on my skin. It really helps my foundation glide on perfectly and last all day, and it doesn't break me out!

Marie H.
Great product but possibly comedogenic.

I love this primer but it makes me break out :( It works great though! Feels nice when you initially put it on and melts right into your face so you don't feel it at all. Super smooth and foundation applies better.

Victoria D.
Bye Bye Pores!

When I put on this primer, it's literally like I'm watching my pores disappear before my eyes. It's a clear primer (not a fan of tinted ones), and it glides onto my skin and feels so wonderful. I notice my foundation applying much smoother and much more even. It really helps if you need a little extra coverage as well. I can't even see the normally giant pores on my nose when I use this! It gives your foundation something to stick to, so I don't notice a lot/any transferring at all. My only, ONLY drawback to this, is the smell. I'm very sensitive to smells, and it smells a little, plasticy? I don't know how to describe it, but the smell diminishes almost immediately after you put it on, so I can stand the few seconds of smelling it xD Definitely worth it! I would consider re-purchasing this primer without a second thought!

Rupal P.
Fantastic primer!

I absolutely love this primer. It's so silky and helps make my foundation look even and stay on my face for much longer than other primers I've tried. Even with the grape seed oil, my skin doesn't get oily and I've seen a difference in pore size. I strongly recommend!