Feather Hair Accents


Leanne B.

These are a brilliant accessory to have, they just give your hair a little something when you don't want to spend too much time on styling. They come in such an array of colours to mix and match with any outfit.

Sara B.

These are so cute! I wear them anywhere, with anything and they look great. They don't damage the area above the place where they are clipped in, which is a relief, plus they look amazing.

Shana R.

I haven't used this particular brand but I have used something simular and they are so so fun! A great way to add a little wild to your look with no problem.

Serena K.

it looks REALLY NEAT! I would go to a bunch of stores just to find it! I love the stripe designs! i think it would go perfect with my hair!!

Kali M.

Theese little feathers are amazing and beatiful,I love them. I Think the ones that kind of blend in a little with your hair look best but it's up to you what color they have kind of went out of style at school but I will deffintly try to bring them back who ever created it is a total genus and I love how I can take it out when ever and they are easy to handle and thats great when your a dumb blonde like me lol(: (Not trying to offend anybody haha talking about myself) but anyways I love theese feather hair accents! <333333333333 (:

Lindsay B.
Easy & Stylish Hair Accessory
Photo of product included with review by Lindsay B.

I love these feather hair accents. They are pretty easy to handle, and applying them in your hair is simple. I have the Sun Kissed set. They look great with dark hair especially, because they stand out more. They also last a long time. Keep them enclosed in a container so they don't dry out.

Rachel T.
Fantastic Alternative!

I'm in a professional choir where we aren't allowed colored hair or highlights of any sort. These are great because I can wear them when it is appropriate, and take them out when it isn't. I bought a few colors, Sun Kissed, Pink Passion and Boho Breeze, and I love them all. I bought mine at Sephora for $25 each. You can take them out when you shower and stuff, so they last longer than the real extentions!