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Edward Scissorhands Palette


lauren D.
Palette of the year

Although pleasing to the eye, I don't like most palettes on the market because I find them, among other things, to have poor quality and an abundance of unwearable shades. I like the freedom and flexibility of individual eye color shades plus I have been burned too many times with past purchases to really feel inclined to take any unnecessary risks. But, I have been really curious about Sugarpill, and Lucy J. enticed me with her enthusiastic review. She is right on all counts. There is a lot of product in the palette so the value is excellent. The quality is top notch. Blendable, wearable, and really really beautiful. The last time I was this excited was over two years ago when I bought my first Viseart palette. They are smooth, creamy, and flattering for a variety of skin tones. I tip my hat to you Sugarpill:)

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Nicole A.
Sugarpill has done it again

Hands down Amy gives her customers a dream come true with her products!!!! This pallette WoW I missed out on it the 1st round but was so glad it came back in stock. The color scheme in this 6 quad is amazing for a neutral look or a avant-garde look so many different possibilities. The shadows are super lush and buttery no fallout,and the pigmentation is superb especially home sweet home, I find a lot of matte light blues to be very chalky but this is blue just like the pan. Castle on the hill another wow and heart shaped cookie....well get your brushes in this before it's gone forever (:

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Lucy J.

This palette is definitely an amazing piece of art; from the quality of the shadows to presentation is incredible!!! Is definitely a limited edition so get it while you can, I love the fact that it blends incredibly well, you can use it in your eyes, face, as it works not only as an eye shadow but as contouring shades, very pigmented and comes with a lot of product in the pan, so far my 2015 favorite !!!

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