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Dry Shampoo


Amber H.

I have pretty oily hair, and really hated washing it every day. My color was fading badly and it was getting so dry from the blow dryer. I tried a dry shampoo from another brand... while it made my hair smell great it did not deliver. I have always liked Suave Professional products so decided to give this a try. Its AWESOME! It sprays out nicely and has a pretty pleasant scent. It does not leave flakes behind like some can. It keeps my hair oily free so I can wash it every other day. My hair is now much softer from not washing it everyday.

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Christina T.
Calms down my oily scalp!

I've been getting into dry shampoos and the Suave Dry Shampoo is on my list of great drugstore dry shampoos. A few spritz on my roots combats my oily scalp between days I don't wash my hair. The scent is a bit strong for me but after giving my head a good shake and massage, I don't notice it anymore. I have black hair and I didn't experience any issues with the powder looking chalky on me.

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Rachael Y.
Worst Ever

I normally have to either wash my hair every day or just wear my hair up in a pony tail every other day. I bought this dry shampoo after the reviews on here, and I must say it was the worst purchase I have ever made. I am glad it was only a few dollars. It actually made my hair more greasy. I feel like I need to wash my hair even more now. I will not be recommending this to any of my friends.

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Siera H.
best brand ever

this is my favorite dry shampoo ever. I go camping alot in the summer so I did test out quite a few dry shampoo's. most of them left my roots powdery and damp :(. I couldnt go camping without it :p I also love to use it the day after I straighten my hair so I can keep the look for just one more day :p

Terissa G.
My favorite dry shampoo!

I've tried expensive dry shampoos and powders, but they either had a terrible smell or left a bad residue in my hair! This on the other hand is great! It does its job and leaves my hair soft and smelling great!

Amanda L.

After a long night out and smelling like cigarettes, and having slightly greasy hair this product is by far my FAVORITE! It dilutes the smell of smoke and touches up my roots. I love this for a quick on the go, can't wash my hair till later. Perfect little trick. =)

Rebecca M.
Love it.

I love this stuff! I dont really use it as a shampoo between washings, but more as a way to keep my bangs from getting oily by the middle of the day. I think it works really well. AND it smells fantastic!

Bethany N.

My hair isn't oily but I use this after I blow dry. I spray it on my roots, it gives it some volume. Then I usually back comb my crown area and spray a little more in, then top it off with hairspray. I love it!

Jennie A.
Love it!

Okay so since i dye my hair frequently i dont shampoo daily! I have tried several different brands of dry shampoo. This is very afordable and smells awsome! Gave my fine limp hair a lot of volume i apply it then rub the roots to make sure the product is well absorbed then flip my hair over and blast it with the cool air option on my hair dryer major volume and looks greats!

Marline C.

I have never before tried a dry shampoo before I purchased this one. I have thin oily hair. After I wash my hair, the next day, my hair is oily, if I strighten my hair, by the end of the day my hair is oily. I don't like to wash my hair everyday, becuase it leaves my hair dry. This helps me alot. It leaves my hair with no oily shine! Which is what I have been wanting for a while. I just bought this last week, and I have only used it 3 times, but so far I am loving it, I do think that I will continue to buy it and for the price, I think twice!