Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner


Rachel W.
Awesome Liquid Liner!

These Stila liquid liners are great! They are nicely pigmented, sparkly, and don't smudge one bit the entire day. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that they are a little hard to get off sometimes, but I don't mind too much and generally expect that from waterproof makeup. Bora Bora is a beautifully vivid aqua shade that makes my eyes pop. I also have this liner in Electric, which is a beautiful green shade and equally awesome.

Alexandra J.
Amazing color

This color is such a pretty sparkling turquoise. It's so bright, and gives such a great pop of color. Perfect for summer. It has a felt tip applicator and is so easy to apply. I use it mostly in Spring or Summer and when I'm wanting to change up my look with a pop of color.

Jessenia I.
Photo of product included with review by Jessenia I.

You need to see the sparkle on these liners!! AUH-MAZING! The sponge tip applicator makes these liners a breeze to apply and since they are super pigmented all you need is one quick swipe one each eye lid and you're all set to go. The wear on these is also incredible! You won't have to worry about the liner flaking off, smudging, or smearing. Mine stayed put for 18 hours and probably could have lasted much longer had I not decided to go to sleep. :D

Swatches and more pics can be found on my blog:

Wafi A.
Amazing Pigment
Photo of product included with review by Wafi A.

This is possibly one of my favorite new products! It's also one of the only WATERPROOF SPARKLE liners!

My favorite colors are Bora Bora, which I've used in a video. It's a pretty bright blue that reminds me of the ocean. I also love Royal (purple), and Electric (green)! It's perfect for the summer since they're also waterproof. Hello, beach days!

I think the sparkle adds a nice touch and makes eyes look brighter. It's not a chunky glitter, but a subtle shimmer with small flecks of glitter. The spongey tip makes the application super easy. The only comment I'd make is that it can get a little messy if don't open or close the product carefully.

It was 100 degrees when I wore this out, and I put it on at 10am and came home at 11pm. My makeup was seriously perfect. It looked the same all day,

It's a great product, and totally worth the money.