Smudge Pots


Evelyn M.
Love me some smudge pots
Photo of product included with review by Evelyn M.

I love smudge pots because the colors are bright and last quite a long time. They go on smooth but sometimes dry too fast where you have to reapply, but it's not a big problem. My favorite colors are cobalt, ultraviolet, and pomegranate. Also love the classic black, grey and bronze. They can also be used as a base to top with other shadows. The picture attached is Stila smudge pot in Bronze.

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Sarah C.
Mrawr! I love this color!

Okay first off, the color is so cute! Secondly, I love that it's a shade that I can use for multiple things, such as using it as a base, a highlighter, a liner or as a shadow. This color is flattering on my skin and I really like how there's a bit of shimmer but it's not boom in your face!

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Nancy-Lee C.
Intense gel liner

I was uncertain the first time I used one of these. Bronze was the first one I purchased - and not the last. The are super easy to work with, 'creamy'. You can use them as liner, shadow or shadow base. They are long wearing. My biggest complaint is, you have to purchase a brush separately. I will rebuy.

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Pamela K.
Doesn't smudge

I bought this and was terribly afraid I wasted my money. But this stuff stays and you can even tight line your eyes with it! I use this as my go to for any liquid liner and the effects are always great, and there's so much product!

Huma N.

I have yet to use this as an eyeshadow base, but I have been using this as an eyeliner so far. I absolutely love the way it works! You can use around any brush with it - I use an angled brush, and it's super easy to create a quick line on the lids. Creating a winged cat eye is super easy with this product. It's not too liquidy, nor too dry. Just make sure you ensure you close the cap quickly after you use it. I wouldn't want to risk drying this up. I remember the second day I had this, I got scared that it dried a little. That's only the surface of the eyeliner, but just move it arounda bit and it's great. I love it so much that I suggested it to my friends and cousins. :)

Amber E.
Creamy & Smooth

I typically use this as a liner and they work so well. They are creamy and apply smoothly too. I have the black, grey, and brown shades and love them all! The brown is great for day looks!

Elysia K.

I adore these smudge pots! They work so good , they work so good for a base ! and I would recommend them ! :) you can also use this as a liner it would be great for that too

Malissa B.
Favorite Liner

These are by far my favorite product to use as a liner and sometimes more. they are so creamy and go on smooth. I find myself collercting all the colors they come out with for special occasions, from purples and sparkly blues to my favorite Kitten and black cat. I love to add a little sparkly shadow powder to set the liner (not that it needs it) but I love the look i get from it...

Joanna G.
awesome smudgeproof eyeliner/ eyeshadow base

I accidentally got turned onto this smudgepots and now I cant get enough! I found the Bronze & 24kt Golden Noir (similar to MAC blitz & glitz) at Nordstrom rack and picked them both up because I wanted to try out gel liners w/o spending a whole lot. They were on sale for about $8 each (usually $20). I wasnt too familiar with Stila except for the lipglosses, which I love but I am glad I took the plunge. I wanna say they are twice the size of MAC paint pots but the texture is different and stays in place way better, they do not budge! I recently purchased purple pumps and I love the color! These are my go to bases for smokey/darker looks.

Julianne J.
Great Multi- Use Product

I got this on my first trip to Sephora when I was first really getting into makeup and all the brands that were new to me. I knew I wanted to start with Stila products. I liked my smudgepot but it annoyed me how fast it dried out and how It caused such difficulty when I used it with my different eyeliner brushes. Even with an angled eyeliner or smudge eyeliner brush, the product was hard to manage because of its dryness. It can be resurrected and now I use this as an eyeshadow base instead of a liner. (I also think that the first layer of the pot tends to dry out quickly, but the bottom and middle layers just need to be exposed in order to use the product successfully). The edges of the product have more moisture so I just press my index finger into the pot and with one press into the squishy product I can pick up a lot of black pigment. Just dab and smoke out on the lids, set with a shadow of your choice, and you have a simple smokey eye. Once I got the product up and running again, I loved using one of my short, flat eye brushes that is perfect for applying shadow close to the lash lines, this was perfect for creating a nice line and some structure with the black smudge pot. This brush is great for creating structured lines when applying shadow- not as crisp as tape, but not rounded, or messy, either, on your shadow's outer edge. I think I'm going to try to liquify the pot further at some point, but the firmness of the product has helped it turn into a great black eyeshadow base, with the pigment of a NYX shadow pencil, and perhaps without some of that slickness (Still need to try the jumbo eye pencils, though). My word of advice is try to reconstitute any dry gel liners- and there are tons of vids showing how to do that, as you gals probably know, because with a little effort, great products won't go to waste. Some products are crappy and need to be thrown out, but some can be surprisingly multi-tasking. This smudgepot works better as a black eye shadow base than a liner for me, and thankfully I have a few other gel liners that I really enjoy and work better for eyelining (and of course want more!). I'm glad I gave this product a second try and realized how versatile it really is.