Contouring Trio


Noelle M.
New to contouring

So contouring is really new territory for me, and i got this on beautycrunch for like $10.00 so i figured i'd try it out, i mean 10.00 isn't a lot to lose lol. Anyway, I had gone to other makeup counters and everyone tries contouring me with bronzer which makes my really fair skin ruddy,muddy,red, I look like i'm wearing adobe powder lol. This trio suits my skin well, it's not overly pigmented which makes it easy to build up to the intensity you like thats suitable for your skin. I am a C1 in mac face and body and a NC/NW15 depending on my mood but both suit me fine. I have no problem with this product coming out red, or making my completion look ridiculous for someone with fair skin.It stays more in to me in the shadowy colors like taupe or grey toned, even though it looks brown, it shows up like you have a natural shadow. I like that you can easily tone down colors that you overdue or accidently have a heavy hand with(in otherwords it blends really well) It's basically a great palette to start learning to contour with, it comes with directions that include pictures to teach you how, or giving you tips,etc. Very happy with this purchase! and if I run out at any point I would repurchase.

Cydangi e.

when I first got it, I thought it looks kinda sucky but I was wrong. I love it hella lots especially the dark shade. "Flash" it's JUST alright not my favorite. Each compact comes with 3 shades and a step by step simple instructions on how to contour cheeks, nose and eye

Flash - a soft neutral shimmer Light - a high-lighting powder Dark - a low-lighting powder

Oh btw, it has a mirror too with side LED lights, the mirror SUCKS tho. It's very burry - garbage. Over all, very easy to blend, great for first timer that wanna learn how to contour & highlight basicly everything you need