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Forever Your Curl Mascara


Victoria D.
Not horrible!

Okay, so I got a sample of this from sephora at once point in time, and decided to try it out, since I'm on the hunt for a new mascara. I love the brush, it eliminates any and all clumps, however, I feel that the formula actually weighs my lashes down. Which counteracts the curling effect this claims to have.

However I've found a combo that works for me. I apply this mascara, then apply cover girl lash blast on over it (my current mascara I'm loving) This gives me more volume and helps 'lift' my lashes that the Stila had weighed down.

As for wear, I have no problems with this flaking or smudging through the day. It stays pretty put, and I like that! Don't have any problems with removing it either, I don't have to assault my eyelashes to get it off.

In the end, I wouldn't spend the money to buy a full size of this. I'll use my mini up, but wouldn't splurge on a mascara that needs help from another mascara.

*For reference, I normally do NOT curl my lashes every day. Mine are naturally quite long, so I don't bother curling them*