Custom Color Blush

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Jing C.

Love this product. at first I thought it might be too heavy looking on my face.after I put in on my cheeks n lips,I fall in love with it.its not really orange color, more like coral pinkish...great great color that you can blend in to create different color .

Courtney O.

This blush is my absolute favorite. A Stila artist applied it to me during a visit and I thought it was so gorgeous, I just had to purchase it myself. It really does adjust to your skin color very well. It can be very very bright, but if you blend it well, it looks flawless. It lasts all day and it's just sooo pretty, it's irresistible. LOVE.

Alecia G.
makes me blush ;p

i got this blush at IMATS a few months ago, and i STILL use it every single day. i love corol products, and i love how fun and vibrant this blush is! :) this is definitely my favorite blush ever!!!

Wafi A.
For everyone
Photo of product included with review by Wafi A.

I love this blush. I really like how it adjusts to anyone and looks great on even darker complexions. Sometime's it can be hard for darker colors to show up on a deeper skin tone, but this one really does itself justice.

It reminds me of the O-Glow from Smashbox, but in a powder form and without that silica feel.