St. Tropez

Self Tan Purity Face Mist


Alicia C.
So easy to maintain your tan without getting your hand gross!

I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that actually likes this product! I've been a huge fan of St Tropez forever but I am not a patient or exacting person so I always wind up with what my guy calls "cheeto hands" after putting on self tanner. I use a mitt, I don't know what happens. I love this because I can just spray it on and dab at it a little with a mitt, but I'm free of actually placing it on my face. I do not use this to give me a tan, as it is not dark enough for me for that. I use it to maintain in case I accidentally got sun on my face, or when I've had no color in forever. A bottle goes very quickly though, but I keep buying them because I haven't found something better

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