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St. Ives

Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Wash


Jessica C.

LOVE this! it does make m skin a a lot softer! plus it smells nice on top of that. i definatly recommend trying it if youu never have :) its not too expensive its a great buy worth every penny

Diana G.

all i can say is i love love love love love love love love it best body wash ive ever had and the only body wash i was and am ever fully satisfied with very creamy nice scent i love the oat meal n shea butter one after the 1st day of tryign i really liked it and after one bottle completely gone till the last drop i was in love, the b.w's come in pretty big bottles that will last you forever ....well not forever but a long time sorry its 3;45 am right now so im not sure exactly how much oz of product you get but really try it.