Sonia Kashuk

Brush & Sponge Cleanser


Shannan A.
Just got this

I just got this because I was in need of a brush cleaner. I really like it so far but I can't really review it after a single use. I did enjoy the smell and it made my brushes look v clean

Julianne J.
The only deep cleaning brush cleaner that works for me!!

I've tried dish soap AND baby shampoo, to no avail. Neither worked satisfactorily!! Then I stumbled onto this lifesaver. The packaging has changed so it doesn't look like the above image, and its possible the formula as changed as well. But this works like a charm and has a lovely scent. I've never gotten my brushes this clean or conditioned. Its a must have and I'm happy with it. I'd try the MAC brush cleaner or the Japonesque one, but for now I'm happy with its affordability and the fact I can grab it from any Target. Total win for me.

Olivia A.

This is my only brush cleanser in my collection!! It's smells amazing and cleans well!! The cost is not bad at all. You get a lot of product and each time you use it you don't have to use a lot. It last a very long time and dries quickly!! I always wash my brushes before I go to bed and the I let them dry while I sleep and by the time I wake up they are all dry! I would recommend this product to anyone!

Minjee Y.
practically perfect

smells great. my brushes look and smell clean from it. this is not meant to be used as a spot cleaner, this is for your to spray onto your brushes and wash them. I like this method better than my cheap method of baby shampoo and olive oil. I enjoy using this because I don't feel like I'm wasting the product much when I only have to spray about 2-3 spritz per brush (depending on what type it is and how large or small it is). I am loving this brush cleaner pretty much and it is affordable which I LOVE!

Tashina M.

This works great. I spray 4 sprays on my brushes dry and rub it around and rinse. That's all it takes. It does smell strong but it smells like fresh lavender. A good smell. I will continue to use this forever.

Melissa S.
Smell is too strong, bad!

I bought this to clean my brushes, and just with a little spritz the smell would go up my nose and make me sneeze, the smell is too over powering and i think that it over dries my brushes appose to baby shampoo that i now use that is more gentle to my brushes and cleans them well. do not buy !

Kendall B.
Cleans well!

This stuff cleans my brushes well. The only problem is you have to use a lot of product to be able to full clean your brutes. I really like to just use hand soap or shampoo. It's perfectly fine to do that too. But If you are looking for a good store bought brush cleaner that isn't too pricey, this stuff is it.

Ashley R.

I just washed my brushes with this product today. Eh its ok. I just don't like the fact that its in a spray bottle. I used to wash my brushes with baby shampoo before I started using this. It does get the job done but the smell isn't that pleasant.