Sonia Kashuk

Brightening Powder


Tashina M.
The packaging sucks!!!

I love Sonia Kashuk products most of the time. I love their loose powders. Love them. I hate the packaging so much I won't buy them anymore. The package idea is amazing. Really good idea. Not great execution. The "locking" sifter doesn't lock. Powder still comes out freely. Every time I opened it I would have to hold really still and not shake it too much or it would pour our all over me. The lid doesn't seal the product in either. I have spilled several in my purse because it comes out of the edges a little but comes out where the hinge it A LOT!! It's a waste of money when you spill half the product and it doesn't come with a lot to begin with.

Pro: it's beautiful. Really brightens nicely and is very finely milled so it goes on super smooth. No grainy look and little powder patches. I used to wear this every day. It was my HG. That's how bad the packaging is.