Sonia G.

Lotus Cheek


Kiki L.
Don't sleep on this one if you like cream blush/highlight hybrids

This is by far my most used brush from the lotus set, I use it daily and got a second one because I love it so much. I love wearing blush/highlight hybrid formulas like the Westman Atelier super loaded and the Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wands, and this brush is ideal with such pigmented metallic finishes, it is dense enough to pick up thick creams and diffuse them beautifully, and the fact it is all goat means it absorbs just enough to leave a seamless finish. It is also beautiful with powder blushes, but for me, it is my designated highlighting blush brush. I've had the lotus set for over two years and the fibers have not been stained and still wash out white.

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Maria del Rocio D.
Perfecto para aplicar rubor de manena precisa

Esta brocha es la mas precisa que tengo para aplicar rubor, el pelo es super suave y el diseño es divino. la recomiendo al 100%

Maria del Rocio D.
Pequeño pero grandioso

Esta brocha es la mas pequeña que tengo para rubor te permite una aplicacion precisa y difuminarlo perfectamente, lo compre para tener todos las brochas de esa serie y me sorprendio gratamente, lo recomiendo

Laura L.
Perfect cheek brush💯
Photo of product included with review by Laura L.

I was considering this brush and another but decided on this one and am so glad that I did! I have a smaller face and prefer smaller brushes. This brush is the perfect size and maybe the softest brush from Sonja G that I own - it is just “puff perfection!” It blends in blush like a dream! Very happy with my purchase!

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Rachel S.
So soft!

Blush application is a pleasure with this brush. It’s so soft which is great for my sensitive skin. It blends product effortlessly and I feel that I’m left with a more elegant result than I would get with a cheaper brush.

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Jessica F.
Best Blush Brush

I have a few Sonia G blush brushes (I by now means have a collection). I have tested each one extensively and this is by far my favorite blush brush. It’s extremely soft and perfectly places the color on my cheeks. I also love this for the hourglass highlighters— it’s just perfect! I feel like I can have pinpoint placement of product but also wisp the brush to blend out the product for a seamless blend. It’s amazing! I should note I only have used this with powder products but I’m sure it would work well with creams as it’s undyed goat hair.

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Severine F.
Utile avec divers produits, différentes textures.

Ce pinceau est avant tout magnifique. Ce manche avec un dégradé de couleur du prune au blanc en passant par le rose avec des micro paillettes est d'une pure beauté. Les poils toujours d'une extrême douceur et c'est vraiment appréciable. Il fonctionne avec les produits crème, liquide comme les poudres. Je l'utilise principalement pour le blush car sa taille est parfaite : ni trop petite ni trop grande. Le blush est appliqué facilement grâce à lui et il s'estompe rapidement et efficacement. J'aime l'utiliser également avec le bronzer lorsque je veux l'appliquer plus précisément. C'est une belle réussite une nouvelle fois.

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Jennifer W.
Wonderful size, shape and touch!

The Lotus Cheek is wonderfully sized to fit the cheek area, while the soft bristles pounce and glide and swirl to perfection! I reach for this when I need to have a little more control in applying cheek color, but still want that airy finish. It is perfect!

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