Flake Away


Georgie E.
Yay!! :)

for as long as I can remember, 7 years old?!? I've had genetic skin bumps on my arms which always have made me SO insecure, its impossible to get rid of them because its genetic but this product definitely helps tame them and reduce the redness and makes them look more relaxed :)) this is also amazing after shaving your legs oh myyyyy, best scrub!! <3

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Diaundrah M.
Amazing Body Scrub !

I received this as a birthday gift from a friend & was so happy because I planned on buying it ! The first time using it I immediately noticed the smell now don't get me wrong it doesn't smell bad i'm just not big on strong fragrances. Anywho, man o' man this scrub had my skin feeling brand new ! I use it maybe once or twice a week to keep my skin feeling smooth & soft.

Violet G.

This product is great smells amazing and feels natural the best part is when you finish exfoliating your skin it hydrates your skin wich is amazing and very important for me

Meg-Anne G.
I'm getting softer and softer every day I use this...

I got this with a Soap and Glory travel gift set for Christmas and thank goodness. I have some of the dryest skin in the world, and it works so well. The smell take a minute or two to get used to but I now love it so much. Just make sure that you don't use it on your face (for obvious reasons) and moisturize after you're done to keep it all soft. I will definately be purchasing full size!!

Rebecca W.

Like all Soap and Glory products, I absolutely adore this! It's quite a gritty exfoliator which is good for really dry areas (knees, elbows). I find this can leave my skin a tiny bit red just after i've used it but when i get out the shower my skin feels super soft and moisturised! I used a sample of the Scrub Em' and Leave Em' body polish recently and i definitely prefer Flake Away. I'm off to buy another tub soon! <3

Hannah S.
Smells great and leaves you buffed and looking great

This product doesn't get as much love as it needs because it's amazing, after using it your skin is left with a sheen and you feel very buffed and clean afterwards plus like all soap and glory products it smells AMAZING! I love this product!

Aniko F.

Ok, so I really loved this scrub by Soap and Glory. I love the smell and the smooth feeling it gives my skin after I use it! Perfect for any skin time and prevention of in grown hairs and razor bumps.

LBD Girl s.
Bye Bye Bumps

I have struggled with tiny bumps on my arms for years. I have tried a lot of different products and none really took away the bumps, until now that is! The smell is lovely and the bumps on my arms are long gone. I luckily picked this up in the UK for £8. Regularly at home in Canada it retails for $24. So I got it for a deal.

Ashley K.
Great Scrub

This smells awesome. Almost like a sugar peach scent. Great to use before you shave your legs, if you use if after it can burn a bit because of the sea salt. It leaves your skin super soft and moisturized. It is a bit messy and makes the shower floor a little slippery so be careful!

Hafsa I.

Unlike a lot of other scrubs, this stays put in your hands and the exfoliant doesn't slide or slip out of my hands. It's just coarse enough for my legs and it's incredibly moisturising, I don't even need to moisturise after getting out of the shower. I called it my Weekly Love on my blog