Snooki by Nicole Polizzi


Jaye L.

OMG!! Love this scent!! I adore sweet &flirty scents (PS, Fancy, Hypnotic Poison). Pink Sugar used to be my HG but I was sick of smelling it on EVERYBODY.

Even with the high reviews, I did not expect to like this fragrance a lot (especially since I'm not a fan of *shudder* Snooki nor of Jersey Shore).

The bottle is this loud leopard print -tacky, really. But with a scent as AH-MAZING as this, who cares, right?!

According to, "...candy, driftwood, chilled lychee, quince flower &kiwi. The heart is ruled by PINK CUPCAKE accord, white jasmine &beach flower. The base includes woody notes &sugared musk."

Bought this unsniffed in the clearance bin of Winners. It wasn't as cheap as I hoped (CDN29.99 + tax).. Only complaint is for an EDP, it doesn't last long on me.

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Jasmin J.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!its smells exactly as if you've walked in a Victoria secret store!its sweet but with notes of yummy fruits. snooki did SUCH a great job at designing it as well!the pink and purple leopard is very pretty,the perfume also last for like five to six hours and I kid you not....the bottle is huge!!!!Gotta <3 snooks!!

Hayley S.

I was in a perfume shop and smelled a little sample of this just to see what Snooks would put together and I instantly regretted that decision because I fell in love with it and didn't have the cash to get it! But you better believe the second I do, I'm rushing back to that store to buy some of this!

Laurie A.

Awesome scent. I love this. Its not overpowering. Perfect any time of year. Its sweet and sexy at the same time, and the bottle is nicely done. Great design both the scent and the bottle., Recommend everyone go out and get this.